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Iraqi Experience Shared by Author Michael P. Greenhouse: Message of Hope Through Poetry and Prose

A Collection of Spiritual Works, a Two-Year compilation of short poetry and prose by Michael Greenhouse, Anthony Griffin and Marcia Washington, which suggests using spiritual power.


Contact: Michael P. Greenhouse, 281-633-9391, Mchlg2204@aol.com


RICHMOND, Texas, July 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- A Collection of Spiritual Works, a two-year compilation of short poetry and prose by Michael Greenhouse, Anthony Griffin and Marcia Washington, suggests that readers use the spiritual power of the Lord (Jesus Christ) to help them in times of turmoil - especially for the trials the suffered in Iraq in which they worked, prayed and help sustained their faith not only for themselves, but for the soldiers, civilians and other nationalities in the theater of operations where they were located.


ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Excerpt by Michael Greenhouse cites:


"This book was written during times of inspiration and reflection of God's mercy, grace, and protection of me and co-authors, Marcia Washington and Anthony Griffin. We work as military contractors, but God sent us to operate as 'Fisher's of Men' to the soldiers, local nationals, and men and women from all walks of life while we serve in the country of Iraq. These Collections of Praise were inspired by the boundless love of God for allowing us to pray, worship and share collectively in the Body of Christ while in the midst of the Iraqi War. Our words are indicative of some of the daily trials and tribulations that we faced together in unity of the faith in our individual missions. We are one in the unity, serving Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and our country. We have established ourselves to War on two fronts: one in the spiritual and the other in the physical. Jesus is Lord."


Michael, a proud USAFR Ret, Vietnam-Era, Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, devoted much of his free time while working as a telecommunication expert for the USAF in the country of Iraq. "Brother Greenhouse" as he is known by his peers, developed and taught Bible study lessons to soldiers, civilians and third country nationals while on this assignment. He originated the Mission's Field Bible Study for those of other nationalities which were left out in learning the principles of faith, that were offered through normal channels. "There was a body of people operating in the 'Wilderness of Iraq' that had a spiritual hunger, that was not fed, so I decided to step out and bring them some spiritual bread they so greatly needed. The works of this book is a spiritual witness to that work. and a testimony of what the Lord can do within anyone. All he need is a seed, which is a willing and obedient vessel with a mustard seed of faith."


Michael is a resident of Richmond, Texas, where resides with his wife and two daughters.


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