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70 Days After New Year's -- Where is Your Diet?

Contact: Michele Buc, Publicist, 615-366-6444, MicheleBucMktg@aol.com


MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- Help your audience get back on track with their New Year's Resolution.


Talk to Christian Health Guru Dr. Joe Christiano, and giveaway free copies of NEVER GO BACK health book to your audience.


Never Go Back is like a road map designed by Dr. Joseph Christiano for those who have experienced the frustrations of yo-yo dieting and are looking for the answer to their weight gain/loss dilemma.


Talk to Dr. Joe about his incredible testimony, and hear how he went from a working father and husband weighing over 300 pounds, to 25 years of keeping his obese weight off. However, Dr. Joe will also tell how he became part of the body-building industry, nearly winning "Mr. USA," and where he was also lured by the dark porn industry. A total stranger challenged him to "use that body for God," and Dr. Joe turned his life around.


Dr. Joe's ministry now is to be a part of the solution to the obesity epidemic our country faces today, by approaching weight loss, weight management, and keeping it off for life by addressing the whole, healthy person God intended us to be.


To help kids win the battle against obesity and related illnesses, Dr. Joe created the Dump the Junk™ healthy lifestyle concepts program which provides curriculum in nutrition, exercise and attitude for students at all school ages both in public and private schools


The National Registry for Weight Loss in partnership with the University of Colorado conducted a survey on weight loss and weight gain and have determined that 95% of people who lose weight through dieting eventually put the weight right back on. Is that what happened this year in the last 70 days to your audience?


Be healthy and Never Go Back to the unhealthy life again.