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Christian Students Leading Revival in USA Public Schools: Three Nationwide Prayer & Bible Events Converging on Campuses Sept 23-29

Contact: Bob Pawson, Scriptures in Schools Project, 609-610-3522, BobPawson@bringyourbible.com


MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- A revival of faith and grace has been happening in America's Public Schools. A Revolution: and it's being led by dynamic Christian teenagers and children.


A confluence of three significant Christian-youth events positively influencing America's public schools is converging upon campuses the week of September 23-29. A veritable "trinity" of Great Commission happenings:


Millions of Christian students, along with teachers/staff, parents, and clergy, will participate at Public Schools across America. Preliminary rallies and concerts are being held in churches and venues the weekend of September 21-23.


Press/Media representatives are invited to attend such events. Interviews with students and Youth Pastors are welcomed in-advance or on-location.


A typical example is the SYATP & SIS Week Rally-&-Concert being hosted at Emmanuel Christian Fellowship in Hackensack, NJ, Friday, 9/21, 7:00-10:00 PM. Students from various Bergen County churches, high schools, middle, and elementary schools will gather for prayer, singing, celebration, motivational speakers, and enjoy uplifting Christian bands and rap artists.


"There is still time for churches, Youth Groups, or individual Christian students to participate nationwide," says Bob Pawson of Scriptures in Schools. "Get informed, inspired, and involved! Be salt and light in your schools. Visit those ministry websites and: Go for it."


"America has suffered through several decades of negative peer pressure which forced at least three generations into self-destructive moral relativism, me-first self absorption, promiscuity, perversity, incurable/fatal STDs, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, divorce, despair and death: including suicide and the Abortion-Holocaust. Having observed the disastrous consequences which that negative peer pressure continues to inflict upon their Gen-X, Gen-Y and Boomer predecessors, millions of Twenty-First Century youth are abandoning it."


"Today, a refreshing Positive Peer Pressure has emerged among Generation C-21 inspiring youth to a wholesome respect for self and others, acceptance of personal responsibility, sexual purity, hopefulness, and affirmation of the sanctity of human life: All springing from the reassuring freedom, security, and moral clarity of a personal relationship with and committed faith in Jesus Christ."


"We'll See You at the Pole," says Pawson. "Bring your friends to rallies and concerts. Bring your Bibles to school: Tote 'em and quote 'em and use 'em in class. Word up!"


Bring Your Bibles to Public Schools Week Sept 23-29