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The Tim Tebow Ad Will Be 'Pro-Choice;' Child Killers Have Nothing to Fear. 'Choose Life' is a 'Pro-Choice' Message; it Presumes it is Ethically and Legally Legitimate to Choose Murder. We Want to Take the 'Choice' of Murder Away. -- Randall Terry

"The goal of the pro-life movement is the criminalization of murder (abortion) from conception until birth; the Tebow ad will not address this in any way."

Contact: Randall Terry, Insurrecta Nex, 904-687-9804; www.overturnroe.com

WASHINGTON, Feb. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, makes the following statement:

"Many pro-lifers and advocates of child killing have been in a frenzy over the Tim Tebow ad to run during the Super Bowl. Their joy and anger are both misplaced.

"Here are my predictions: (I have not seen or read the ad; I will happily eat my words.)

"The ad will be warm and fuzzy; Mrs. Tebow will talk on camera about how her doctor advised her to abort her pregnancy because of health risks; she will say something like 'I just knew I couldn't do it; I was going to have this baby no matter what.'  She will refer to prayer or her faith.

"While she's talking, there will be images of her son as a happy little boy, maybe a teenager playing football in high school are in the backyard, and then as a superstar for the Florida Gators - for sure with him holding his Heisman Trophy.

"The ad will end with some catchy phrase like: 'life is a choice everyone can live with,' or 'choose life for your baby.' The ad will leave people wondering what other superstars might come if simply allowed to live. Without question, the ad will use the word 'choice' or 'options' or 'alternatives.'

"Here's what it will NOT say: 'abortion is murder;' 'abortion is the slaughter of innocent babies;' 'abortion must be made illegal from conception until birth.' It will not even say something as accurate (and inane) as: 'abortion kills an innocent human being.'

"Here's what it will NOT show: the tortured remains of dead babies; they will not show women tormented by guilt, in self-destructive lifestyles; they will not show an ultrasound of a moving unborn child in utero, and call it a 'baby.' (I hope I'm wrong on that one!)

"In other words, it will be 'pro-choice;' child killers have little to fear.  And pro-lifers have little to rejoice about.

"'Choose life' is a 'pro-choice' message; it presumes it is ethically and legally legitimate to choose murder.  We want to take the 'choice' of murder away.

"A 'pro-choice/pro-life' ad will do little to end legalized child killing. We are not 'pro-choice/pro-life;' we believe abortion is murder, and it must be criminalized in all 50 states from conception until birth. That means we will ultimately outlaw all surgical child killing, IUDs that kill new lives; and all chemical abortifacients -- such as the pill and the patch. Our mission is the full protection of law for our fellow humans from conception till birth."