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Evangelist Alveda King: Another Busy Week: President Trump Fuels HBCU Education Tank, Life Support for Babies Surges, Black and Brown Congress Caucus Convenes

Alveda King Ministries
Sept. 10, 2019

ATLANTA, Sept. 10, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Evangelist Alveda King:

    This week, President Trump is still keeping his word to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He's slated to speak at the HBCU Conference today, where he is expected to unveil recent advances in his successful strategies.

    Meanwhile, as Executive Director of Civil Rights for The Unborn for Priests for Life, Evangelist Alveda King, your "boots on the ground" freedom fighter, is joining Pro-life activists Rev. Frank Pavone, Janet Morana, and other pro-life and Christian leaders from around the country in DC today to knock on Congress' doors to demand justice for womb babies.

    I'm especially looking forward to visiting offices of members of The Congressional Black Caucus with news of our BLACK AND BROWN TREATISE, which outlines strategies to ending crimes against humanity such as abortion, human trafficking and racism. While I won't be attending the annual Congressional Black Caucus' annual summit this week, I will be praying for them.

    This week's CBC events are sponsored by The Annual Legislative Conference. ALC is the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's leading policy conference on issues impacting African Americans and the global black community; where Black and Brown elected officials join "thought" leaders, legislators, grassroots organizers, influencers and celebrities annually.

    As fans gather to support CBCF's mission, network, and to engage in policy sessions and discussions, I have some questions. I can't help wondering how the CBC will tie in demands for impeachment, more tax-payer funding for abortion providers, and abortion as a means of population control, with a platform that will unite and strengthen America?

    I also wonder how the CBC can continue to turn a blind eye to the Black on Black violence in our communities? How can they ignore the harm of race baiting while denying the truth; racism is a socially engineered evil that can be conquered by God's love? We are not color blind.

    We are one blood/one human race.

    We are in a season of Jubilee, where as one blood, we can unite as one human race, and truly unite as "one nation under God" here in America.

    One example of this process is Criminal Justice Reform, an advance ignited by the iconic bipartisan FIRST STEP ACT.

    Thankfully, we have a President that sees the color of the blood, as well as the color of our skin as human characteristics that unite us rather than divide us.

    For now, it's full speed ahead. God bless America and all of humanity; this week and forever.

SOURCE Alveda King Ministries

CONTACT: Leslie Palma, 917-697-7039

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