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Life Changing Distribution of 'Purpose Driven Life' to Prison Facilities, Hindu Community, and the Police Force in Kenya

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KENYA, Dec. 14 /Christian Newswire/ --  Rev. Stephen Mairori says, "We thank God for the great transformation we are witnesses in people's lives through the 'Purpose Driven Life' (PDL) book and other Purpose Driven Life materials and programs."


Rev. Mairori continues, "We visited two major prisons in Nairobi to present them the PDL books. We managed to meet the senior superintendent in charge and the Chaplains of the two prisons."


Over 500 inmates listened attentively as Rev. Mairori of ICM gave a brief overview of PDL and challenged them with the fact that, 'Life is a Test, a Trust and a Temporal assignment. One inmate stated, "We need to think very carefully on what we shall do with the few years we are given."


Receiving the donation of 120 PDL books, one of the senior Superintendents was extremely excited, having heard of the book of the book several times. She shared that, most donations to the prisons are usually foodstuff and consumables, which at the end of the day have very little impact in terms of transformation and behavior change of the inmates.


The Superintendent indicated the books will have a lot of impact not only to the inmates, but also to the prisons staff and their families. She affirmed that true reformation begins from the inside with a change of attitude and heart.


She challenged International Christian Ministries (ICM) to consider starting a monthly training for the inmates and prisons staff on the 'Purpose Driven Life'.


ICM Kenya is working closely with the Prison Fellowship of Kenya. Through this partnership, we are strategically distributing at least 60 copies of PDL to each of the 44 prison facilities in Kenya, for use by both the prisons staff and inmates. This translates to 2,640 copies of PDL books.


We have also been able to distribute 300 copies of PDL books to the Hindu Community through the 'Hand of Friendship' ministry that is reaching out to the Hindu Community and the Police Force.


Nita Ganatra, the founder of the ministry, testified that the book is allowing her to reach more Hindus and is a 'powerful ministry tool'.


Another key ministry opening has been the police force. So far 120 copies of PDL have been distributed through the chaplaincy at the Administration Police headquarters in Nairobi.


The chaplain in charge gladly visited the International Christian Ministries (ICM) office in Nairobi, where he appreciated ICM for the availing such important materials. He requested ICM to consider availing more books for distribution to the key personnel in the Police force all across the country.


Rev Father Michael Njau, the chaplain of the Administration Police, Nairobi, receiving 120 copies of PDL books for distribution to the Administration Police Force. Rev Father Michael Njau (in uniform) accompanied by his fellow Chaplaincy staff at the ICM, Nairobi offices.


Other Testimonies from the Purpose Driven Ministries Desk


Bishop Shadrack Katue of Jesus Elshaddai Ministries Kenya reports that after issuing the Purpose Driven Life books that he was given by ICM as gifts, to workers in his ministry, they were challenged to begin other ministries and the most recent one is a ministry that was birthed to reach out to people who are bound in witchcraft in Kisii, Nyanza province, Western Kenya.




Between April and December, ICM, Kenya has been able to distribute over 6,500 copies of PDL book to more than 92 organizations. 11 bible colleges have received books for their graduating students, key staff members and libraries.


Over 24,000 people a day are being added to the church in Africa, which means roughly 400 new churches a day need 400 shepherds to train and equip these new believers. ICM is strategically place, with a large network across Africa of training centers, teachers, and material to equip pastors and church leaders. The leaders can learn on the job while they are shepherding the church. ICM is working in over 30 countries in Africa, training over 25,000 leaders who directly impact over 1,500,000 others.


ICM partners with other organizations to bring the best leadership material to Africa. A short list includes; A Purpose Driven Life, John Maxwell's Equip International, Walk Thru the Bible, and others.  For more information: http://www.icmusa.org/