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Orthodox Sephardic Jewish Synagogue Robbery 'Who-done-it' revealed in the 'Tell All' Confession

Contact: Rabbi Ben-Hayil Yellen, www.tfjas.com, 760-297-4154

MEDIA ADVISORY, July 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- A pastor of the Eugene Seventh-day Adventist Church™ reveals in a witnessed confession, that a theft was ordered from the highest ranks of the worldwide General Conference SDA Church™. There has been no prison time for this SDA™ corporate theft. CEO Rabbi Yellen has been informed by a series of helpful 'witness tips' that corporation greed arose of a leading SDA Church™ pastor located in Jerusalem, Israel. Indeed, the SDA Church™ is confused. For it is written: "Thou shalt not steal" and "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors house…nor anything that is thy neighbors" as was written in the Ten Commandments. Furthermore, it is written: "If men strive and hurt a woman with child so that her conception miscarries…he shall pay as the judges determine." Additional laws about repayment are instructed within the Torah: "if a man should steal or even borrow of his neighbor…he shall make it good." In addition, there are laws regarding slander, "giving a false report, an unrighteous witness to do evil."

The testimony of an errant SDA pastor Middlestetter while on duty, at a Eugene, OR SDA congregation, revealed how he used his personal truck to enter private property during daylight hours to help his SDA™ congregation members removing every sacred item from a clearly identified Jewish Synagogue 'Beth B'nei Yehudah.' The professed remnant Sabbath congregation members have proudly declined to make good on its "borrowing of its neighbor" Jewish Synagogue's Torah Scroll, Chumash, Siddur, Tallits and also other sacred items taken in what amounts to be that of a grand theft crime. The police record and district attorney sadly determined that this was not a hate crime for the objects stolen were not destroyed. Yet, these items clearly identified with the corporate logo of 'TFJAS' still remain at the Oregon SDA church™. Each individual that participated in the day time theft has been released awaiting civil trial. The theft is currently without the strong action of the Eugene, OR District attorney subsequently forcing the cost upon the victim, a small non-profit corporation to cover the mounting legal costs.

The "Thou shalt not covet" was again forgotten as the confused SDA Church™ legal counsel Parker served a violent intent Final Notice papers ordering CEO Rabbi Yellen to 'cease and desist' causing his wife emotional distress leading to the miscarriage of his firstborn sons. Why? For identifying his organization as awaiting the Advent of Messiah as all Jewish people have done for thousands of years. As stated by Maimonides: "I believe with perfect faith in the advent of the Messiah; and even though he may tarry, nonetheless I wait every day for his coming."- The 13 Articles of Faith.

Greedy corporation leaders that commanded the shutdown of a Sephardic Synagogue, still refuse to return sacred items of Jewish worship after many years of Rabbi Yellen's letter writing to the various levels of SDA leadership requesting a peaceful solution to this crime. What would possibly prompt further attempts to covet that what cannot be theirs? The witness tips that have helped solve the initial crime have identified the same errant SDA pastor of Jerusalem Israel as making additional troubling hostile moves to determine who has and where is the bronze age 'Purification Stone-Vessel of Manna.' This is the vessel of purification, with depicts the signature of the artist 'MoSheh' and is an exclusive gift to Rabbi Yellen currently held by a private foundation.

This is an appeal to the worldwide community of all faiths to pray and to write letters of protest giving a spiritual warning to errant leadership of the SDA Church™ that what is written in their Holy Scriptures is also written in the laws of the U.S. and of Israel. Tell SDA Church™ that their international corporate theft of sacred Jewish articles belonging to The Federation of Jewish Adventist Society® a private Corporation of Educational Jewish worship centers and its' coveting the gift given to Rabbi Yellen of the research website domain www.jewishadventist.com is ethically and spiritually unacceptable and demonstrates religious intolerance.

Letters from concerned individuals should be directed to:

General Conference Seventh-day Adventist Church™

12501 Old Columbia Pike,

Silver Spring, MD 20904, USA.