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Airline Ignores Passenger Complaints, Allows Explicit Lesbian Scenes on Board
Contact: Don Otis, Veritas Communications, 719-275-7775 
PORTLAND, Ore., March 23, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Lesbian sex scenes on transatlantic flights? "It's almost as if American Airlines couldn't wait to baptize their passengers in the sexual values of our country," says Bill Perkins the president of Million Mighty Men and author of numerous books including When Good Men Are Tempted.
"I've flown 2.3 million miles with American Airlines and I am disappointed with their in-flight media philosophy." While flying from New Delhi, India to Chicago Perkins was stunned to see the passenger next to him viewing the movie, Black Swan on the in-flight monitor.
Black Swan, stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Portman won the Academy Award, the Golden Globe Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award, and the BAFTA Award for her lead performance. When Perkins saw the movie offered on the American Airlines flight he assumed the sex scenes would be eliminated. They weren't. The movie depicts Portman's character pleasuring herself in two scenes and engaging in an explicit lesbian sex scene.
Perkins contacted American Airlines customer service to express his displeasure. The response? "We take the issue of in-flight movie content very seriously. We require the movie studios to edit movies to remove inappropriate scenes and language to make them acceptable for general viewing before we will agree to show them. In fact, our edit standards are more stringent than those used by the television networks when they edit movies for television audiences."
"What if I had been a child?" asks Perkins. "Even if I wasn't watching the movie on my monitor I could have seen it on my neighbor's. And what about the children who did watch it?" Now, he is encouraging parents not to fly with their children on American Airlines until the Airline abides by their own policy. 
Perkins is encouraging people to express their outrage for American Airlines blatant disregard for our values and the innocence of our children. "This is a NON FAMILY FRIENDLY AIRLINE," says Perkins. "If we don't act, their current policy may become the standard on all airlines."

Here is what he is asking the public to do:

1. Fax a complaint to (817) 967-4162.

2. Go to www.aa.com/contactAA/viewEmailFormAccess.do?eventName=customerRelations and fill out a complaint.

3. Call reservations at 1-800-843-3000 to complain. 

4. Call immediately and often and send an email to everyone you know who shares family values.

Contact: bill@millionmightymen.com for an interview.