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Expanding the Awareness Campaign - The Azusa Street Project for the Whole Month of July

‘The Azusa Street Project’ A Global Media GodWorks Production; Viewers Comment: “It rattled my cage in a non-offensive way.”


Contact: Erica Sims, The Azusa Street Project, 323-578-0122, erica@azusastreetproject.com


LOS ANGELES, June 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- Global Media GodWorks Productions announces their “Expanding the Influence” Campaign for ‘The Azusa Street Project’ during the month of July.


‘The Azusa Street Project,’ a life-changing documentary on the historic move of the Holy Spirit, is a documentary the world needs to see. As a result, we’ve developed the following opportunities for you:


  1. Get a FREE copy for a friend:
    During the month of July, when you purchase your copy of the ‘The Azusa Street Project’ from the official website www.azusastreetproject.com, you will also receive a free copy to share with a friend!


  1. FREE Viewing:
    The documentary will be airing on SkyAngel on July 21st at 8 pm EST.


  1. FREE Church Copy (for Pastors):
    Global Media GodWorks Productions would like to share this valuable resource with churches. To find out how your church can get their Complimentary Church Copy email Jessie@azusastreetproject.com.


  1. Spread The Word:
    Global Media GodWorks Productions has promotional cards available to pass out. If you are interesting in obtaining cards email info@azusastreetproject.com with your address and the requested number of cards.


‘The Azusa Street Project’


The documentary investigates the events of The Azusa Street Revival of 1906 (birth of the modern day Pentecostal movement) and the dramatic effects it has had on the world 100 years later. Presented in a style and fashion that will mesmerize and impact the viewer like never before.


This documentary includes:


- Never before seen photographs

- Original sketch and animation art

- Original, inspiring journal entries from the participants

- Interviews with today's leading charismatic figures and historians.


Some of our interviews include:


- Joyce Meyer

- Dr Marilyn Hickey

- Bishop Noel Jones

- Dr Jack W Hayford

- Rev Thomas Trask

- Bishop Charles E Blake

- Dr Jim Reeve

- Dr Vinson Synan

- And many other pastors, historians and prominent authors


This documentary will inform those unfamiliar with the Azusa Street Revival. ‘The Azusa Street Project’ will also serve as a research tool and inspirational link to the Pentecostal heritage. This informative documentary is a must-have for every school, church and personal library.