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Rand Paul is Clueless on Spy Scandal

Contact: Cliff Kincaid, America's Survival, Inc., 443-964-8208

OWINGS, Md., June 25, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Senator Rand Paul is "clueless in Kentucky" on one of the biggest spy scandals in American history, says Cliff Kincaid of the public policy group America's Survival, Inc. (ASI) "The Kentucky Senator's support for NSA traitor Edward Snowden likely spells doom for his 2016 presidential hopes," Kincaid said. "The American people will never forgive or forget his sympathy for this traitor."

"Senator Paul grilled Hillary Clinton over Benghazi but has put his head in the sand on the Snowden case," ASI President Kincaid said. "The Republicans were handed a case of treachery on Obama's watch and yet Rand Paul praises Snowden and joins forces with the ACLU and the far-left to subvert the NSA programs that have been demonstrably effective in protecting America. It is completely bizarre and constitutes political suicide."

The headlines from the CNN appearance were that Senator Paul had warned Snowden not to cozy up to the Russians or the Chinese. "Senator Paul sounded tough," Kincaid said, "except that the remarks displayed ignorance about the significance of Snowden's travel plans and the fact that Snowden was already on his way to Moscow from China. What's more, Paul told CNN that Russia and China and various Latin American Marxist regimes Snowden may travel to were only 'perceived' enemies, another major gaffe."

"Liberal Democrats, including members of the Obama Administration (but not Obama himself), are sounding tougher on treason than Senator Paul," the ASI president noted.

ASI's "Clueless in Kentucky" YouTube video examines the Senator's pathetic defense of Snowden on CNN on Sunday as someone who "told the truth in the name of privacy." Kincaid commented, "Such reckless comments only encourage more federal employees with classified information to break the law and seek the protection of hostile regimes. Telling the truth in a case like this -- assuming that's what he did -- breaks the law and aids the enemy."

In his latest column, "Snowden's Dupes Caught Red-faced," on the site www.usasurvival.org, Kincaid says, "The genius behind Snowden's defection...was to frame his revelations in terms of alleging that he was a 'whistleblower' who was informing the American people that they were being spied upon. Led by Senator Paul, some prominent conservatives and libertarians fell for the ruse, thinking Obama was using the NSA like the IRS, and that the Fourth Amendment was in jeopardy."

"Snowden's phony cover story was taken hook, line, and sinker, by gullible dupes on the right," said Kincaid. "They should admit they were taken in, reverse course, and come to the defense of the NSA before another front-line U.S. intelligence agency is emasculated in the name of 'reform.' Obama would gladly sign such a bill, under pressure from his 'progressive' base and with the votes of conservative, libertarian and Tea Party dupes on Capitol Hill. That may be precisely what he is counting on. It would help him accomplish what he may secretly desire."