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Christian Alliance of America Applauds Progress on WWII Memorial Prayer Act

Contact: Chris Long, 330-887-1922

WASHINGTON, Nov. 17, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Christian Alliance of America commends Congressional members serving on the House Committee on Natural Resources, who today supported H.R. 2070, The WWII Memorial Prayer Act of 2011. This legislation will ensure that FDR's D-Day Landing Prayer is included at the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. with either an inscription or plaque. The Alliance commends Congressman Bill Johnson of Ohio's 6th District and the growing group of bipartisan co-sponsors of this legislation.

"We are grateful to have the Committee move this important legislation forward," offered Chris Long of the Christian Alliance of America. "There is bipartisan support for our effort and we hope that with this momentum, there will be a vote on the House floor in the future."

WWII Navy Veteran George "Poppy" Fowler, who served on the U.S.S. Essex as a Navy aviator, presented testimony before the House Natural Resources Committee in support of the bill. Mr. Fowler testified that adding the President's prayer would be appropriate. He added, "Those reading this prayer would be able to recall sacrifices made by our military and also those on the home front. This prayer came at a perilous time and it was answered by victory at a dear cost of life."

Congressman Bill Johnson stated, "President Roosevelt's prayer gave solace, comfort, and strength to our nation and our brave warriors as we fought against tyranny and oppression. These words should be included among the tributes to the Greatest Generation memorialized on the National Mall."

Long stated, "President Roosevelt's prayer articulated the great crusade that was underway to liberate millions suffering under tyranny. He honored the war effort and paid respect to the fallen and those veterans who fought courageously in the conflict. It is only fitting that succeeding generations learn of this prayer that was offered at that most poignant moment in our nation's history. We are encouraged by the support that this legislation is receiving. Veterans and veterans groups across the nation are in support of adding FDR's D-Day Landing Prayer to the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. This prayer represents an important piece of American history. Historians indicate that President Roosevelt hand wrote the prayer which was an inspiration to a nation engaged in a great world war of which the outcome was still very much uncertain. The prayer gave hope to millions of Americans."

The Alliance joins veterans across the United States to urge members of Congress to cosponsor and support H.R. 2070.

For more information contact Chris Long at 330-887-1922