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The 500th Anniversary (Oct. 31st)--'96 New Theses' Exposes Martin Luther's Major Deficiency

Contact: John Noē, Ph.D. (pronounced "No-E"), President, Prophecy Reformation Institute, 317-842-3411


INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 10, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- "About every 500 years, a pivotal event and revolutionary upheaval has transpired in Christian history. Each set in motion a major turning point and transformation. . . . As we approach the 500th anniversary, wouldn't it be just like God to choose this time in history for moving us into the Next Great Reformation?"


Thus proclaims and posts theologian John Noē in "96 New Theses."


The historical fact is, Luther's posting of his "95 Theses" on October 31, 1517 and subsequent Great or Protestant Reformation only addressed one of the two great works of the Messiah--that of salvation--which had been majorly messed up by the Church of his day.


The Messiah's other great work--that of the kingdom of God, the central teaching of Jesus Christ--wasn't addressed. Regrettably today, Jesus' kingdom is entangled in a maze and mess of conflict and confusion within his Church.


Consequently, as Noē further exposes and documents, "Christ's kingdom is rarely mentioned. It's even been expelled from the gospel. And we modern-day Christians are paying a huge price for this self-inflicted reductionism. For example, Christianity is now accused of having been 'tamed' and non-Christians told that they have nothing to fear from Christians."


After 500 years, Noē claims, "It's time we finish the job of reformation."


Doing so first requires posting "96 New Theses." They are posted and available for FREE in a 50-page booklet appropriately titled -- "The Next Great Reformation: 96 New Theses for reclaiming Jesus' everlasting kingdom." This booklet is downloadable in ebook edition (Amazon.com) and in PDF on the PRI's website. It is also available for a minimal amount in paperback (Amazon.com).


"Indeed," Noē writes, "we 'have come to the kingdom for such a time as this' (Esther 4:14b)."


Additional information about John Noē and PRI is available at the website.


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