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FaithVillage Launches Nonprofit Online Bookstore

Unique online Christian community helps readers discover new authors while supporting nonprofit ministries

Contact: Amber Dobecka, FaithVillage.com, 214-630-4571 ext 1024, Amber@FaithVillage.com

PLANO, Texas, March 26, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- FaithVillage.com, the social network for faith experiences launched last year, is opening a new online bookstore this week. FaithVillage Books bookstore will serve the website's growing community of readers with a faith-friendly, nonprofit shopping experience that helps support its free services to site members and participating causes, churches and ministries. Opening with more than 200,000 Christian titles, the store plans to expand book and music categories in the near future.

"While the retail book industry has been undergoing massive changes, we have increasingly heard from Christian readers, authors and publishers who want more alternatives to the existing channels for finding new authors and purchasing books online," said Brad Russell, FaithVillage senior editor.   

The Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA), already has adopted FaithVillage Books as its official online bookstore to support its rapidly expanding continuing education program for Christian leaders.

Tami Heim, CLA's president and CEO and a former executive with Borders Books and Thomas Nelson Publishing, praised the partnership.

"As the premier provider of lifelong learning resources for Christian leaders, CLA is thrilled to be partnering with FaithVillage as our exclusive online bookstore," Heim said. "We share with them a deep passion for providing transformational content which leads to higher thinking for greater Kingdom gain."

"People can be put off by the aggressive commercialization, controversial products and monopolistic strategies of some online retailers," Russell said. "We think there should be a place where you don't have to worry about these things when you're doing some good in the world, a place where your purchase supports your life work and not merely stockholders."

The unique integration of content, community and commerce in the FaithVillage.com website creates an unprecedented benefit for readers and authors alike by providing a seamless continuum from discovering new authors, to engaging them, shopping and sharing, Russell noted.

Authors can become independent content contributors to the site or be represented through content partnerships with a publisher or publicist. Readers can discover new authors and books through the many articles, book reviews, videos and podcasts found in more than 20 thematic buildings, or channels, on the site. When a reader is interested in a book, a click on a "Buy Now" button locates the item in FaithVillage Books, where the book can be reviewed, purchased and shared to social media channels.

"Easy to navigate, bright and inviting, the FaithVillage bookstore is a boon to both authors and readers," reported Mary DeMuth, an author and early contributor to the site.

"FaithVillage is dedicated to nurturing emerging writers," Russell said. "As a community of young leaders, thought-shapers and artists, FaithVillage validates their faith experiences, gets their voices heard and ultimately supports book sales."

Dave Schroeder, a Nashville-area publishing strategist, affirmed FaithVillage's concept and execution. "As a consumer, I value the process of discovery in finding the best books that will help me make a difference," he explained. "The innovative FaithVillage bookstore has the benefit of new channels for author discovery and engagement, a faith-friendly online space for book clubs and the value of a nonprofit shopping venue that supports Christian causes."

FaithVillage.com is a service of Baptist Standard Publishing, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year.  To learn more or arrange an interview with Brad Russell, contact amber@faithvillage.com or call 214. 630. 4571 x 1024.