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What Is God's Greatest Gift to Parents? Mom of Six Has the Answer

Contact: Christine Schicker, 404-610-8871, cschicker@maximusmg.com

MANCHESTER, Mich., Nov. 14 /Christian Newswire/ -- "It's a miracle." That's the only explanation Deborah Burch has for her ability to write an enchanting new children's book--and illustrate it--while working in an artist's studio, running a busy household, taking care of her husband Dan, and raising six children.

The little rhyming verse that is the text of God's Greatest Gift came to Deb several years ago in a dream. When she awoke she wrote it down, then shoved it in a drawer. Six years would pass (as we said, she's been busy) before she had a moment to consider how to bring to the world the message of her charming poem--that children are the greatest gift God gives to parents. "Because my life is so busy with Dan, the kids and work, the only time I can really be quiet and listen to God is when I'm falling asleep. I believe God asked me to write this book so that children can always be reminded that they are very precious gifts," says Burch.

Deb trained as a graphic artist, not as an illustrator, so she drew upon her particular background in art to create big, full-color, one-of-a-kind illustrations for each page of her book. Using bits of craft paper in different colors and textures, then adding some simple drawings, Deb created a book that is a visual delight. There is also an interactive dimension to the book: as a tribute to her six surviving children and the child she lost in a miscarriage, in each illustration she included a visual puzzle--study the pictures closely and find the objects or motifs that appear in groups of seven.

By taking an unconventional approach to marketing--the Burches have sold Deb's book at her favorite coffee shop, as well as a NASCAR event at the Michigan International Speedway--the book has reached a broad market. And thanks to Dan's expertise in sales, readers can find God's Greatest Gift in bookstores in 32 states and six foreign countries.

God's Greatest Gift sold out its first printing, and has nearly exhausted its second printing. Now just in time for Christmas, the Burches are concentrating their marketing efforts on their target audience -- families of faith who want to share this beautiful story of creation together. "Our focus is to market the book to all Christian and faith-based organizations," they say. And they are expanding their product line. A second book, on giving thanks to God, is in production; a third, on acts of kindness, is being created for release in 2008; and a fourth, on strengthening your faith, is in development. This could be the beginning of a publishing empire.

Delightful, playful, and very reassuring, God's Greatest Gift carries a message that parents will love sharing with their own greatest gift.

Deborah Burch is available for interviews. Please contact Christine Schicker at The Maximus Group, 404-610-8871.