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Destiny's Team: A Story About Love, Choices and Eternity

Contact: Thomas Horn, 417-723-0610, AnomalosPublishing@yahoo.com


SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Oct. 1 /Christian Newswire/ -- With the Human Genome Project and the advent of biotechnology this century, difficult ethical questions have risen about the definition of life and its relationship to life sciences, medicine, politics, law, philosophy, and theology. From the dawn of American history, the value of life ethic held that every human being from conception forward had equal moral worth. Recent advances in science and philosophy have challenged this view, in some quarters redefining what it means to qualify as human.


National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) founder and President Thomas A. Glessner is the author of Destiny's Team, a new book that combines deep questions about "life and spiritual truth" within the context and drama of professional football. Human exceptionalism is central to the plot, as Christian values concerning humanity, redemption, reconciliation, forgiveness, and even second chances are provided through a thrilling adventure that actress Jennifer O'Neill called "the unraveling of profound truths and healing."


"I love a good football story and Destiny's Team is all of that," says former Seattle Seahawk and senior pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, Washington, Dr. Ken Hutcherson, "but it is more. This book raises keen spiritual questions and provides us with a glimpse of eternity."


While forgiveness, restoration and healing of physical and emotional scars are tantamount to the story, an awareness of the unseen spirit world and its impact upon our daily lives is also keen throughout Destiny's Team, with glimpses of heaven or hell as the ultimate destination for every human being.


Destiny's Team can be ordered by going to www.Amazon.com. Pro-life organizations may purchase signed copies of the book through NIFLA to be used for fund raising premiums for their donor bases.


All who order the book from Amazon.com on October 1 2007, the official release date of the book, will also receive a special "thank you" gift from Anomalos Publishing -- a free copy of Bruce Wilkinson's book A Life God Rewards.


For more information on the book Destiny's Team, a review copy, or to schedule interviews, contact Thomas Horn at AnomalosPublishing@yahoo.com or call 417-723-0610.


People interested in providing pregnancy centers support for both medical and non-medical assistance can visit NIFLA online at: www.nifla.org