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Dr. Alveda King: Life is Key in Republican Presidential Candidates' Race -- May the Best Person Win

Contact: Leslie Palma, 347-286-7277


WASHINGTON, Aug. 7, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Alveda King submits the following and is available for comment:


I can't remember a livelier run for the Oval Office. Statesmanship, and "stateswomanship," stood up before America in the FOX NEWS premier debates. It's very encouraging to know that the candidates aren't afraid or ashamed to publicly acknowledge a bold understanding that GOD is the highest authority in our nation. It's also good to know that all (except one) of the candidates highly and openly regard the sanctity of life. They didn't attack each other; they tackled the issues with candor, humor in some cases, and with hope ahead for America in every case. Here's "Mama King's" lineup for now:


1) Dr. Ben Carson


He addresses issues with common sense and wisdom derived from spiritual truths. His proposals for a flat tax, tackling racism, poverty, life, terrorism and everything are good examples of that. His subtle wit is refreshing. He goes against the status quo with finesse.


2) Carly Fiorina


She's capable, smart, tough, and eloquent – can uniquely challenge Hillary woman to woman. I really like that.


3) Sen. Marco Rubio


He gets right to the point, is capable and genuine; has a strong spiritual foundation and is grounded by his family's story of living the American dream; MLK had that dream.


4) Former Gov. Mike Huckabee


Governor Huckabee represents solid bedrock traditional strength that is firmly rooted in spiritual values; reminds me of my ten KING RULES. His tongue in cheek wisdom stands out.


5) Sen. Ted Cruz


This is one who is willing and able to lead rather than go along to get along. His regard for his GOD and his honor for his dad speaks volumes. He's something of a wild card, but in a very good way.


6) Gov. Scott Walker


A decent man with political smarts. Clearly knows how to achieve goals that some would consider nearly impossible. Good track record.


7) Gov. John Kasich


Thoughtful, with practical solutions. Seems a bit fuzzy around the edges, though, leaning toward political correctness.


8) Sen. Rand Paul


While the Senator is focused, consistent and smart, he comes across as a bit socially awkward; which sometimes happens with brilliant medical practitioners. That he was one who took a lead in the current "Defund Planned Parenthood" fight in Congress speaks volumes.


9) Donald Trump


He's brave, bold, creative, and he goes against the grain for some; but it's great that he has the liberty to force elephant in the room conversations. We need that.


10) Former Gov. Jeb Bush


As Mr. Nice Guy, he seems to represent the status quo. I like him, but just don't want another Bush/Clinton run. That's just me talking.


11) Gov. Chris Christie


He's a somewhat popular man with some promising successes under his belt. His statement on Israel is particularly good.


With 17 in the race now, we can vote for almost any one of them without holding our noses; no obvious stinkers.


While I won't be endorsing anyone, I'll be praying for everyone. Please join me, and God bless America.