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Actress Lindsay Lohan Did Not Have to Go to Jail
A California prison minister believes that Lindsay Lohan would not have sat behind bars had she taken him up on his offer three years ago.
Contact: Marty Angelo, 805-405-8174
HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- Prison Minister Marty Angelo feels that Lohan and her team of attorneys turned down a life-changing offer.
Angelo contacted Lohan in order to offer to serve any jail time that the troubled starlet might have be sentenced to in exchange for her agreement to enroll and successfully complete a 12-month faith-based residential treatment program.
"This was not about me serving Lindsay Lohan's jail sentence, though I was willing to if the judge approved," Angelo stated. "However, I am trying to bring to light the seriousness of what Lohan or any other substance abusers need."
What Angelo is referring to is his faith-based treatment program referrals that apply biblical principles to the treatment and recovery process that drug addicts and alcoholics must go through in order to enjoy sobriety. According to Angelo, many of the 12-month programs are free of charge and have a success rate of 85 percent. This is compared to other programs that claim only a 4 percent success rate and can cost between $25,000 and $50,000 for only one month.
Angelo feels that Lohan's actions have only made things worse by not facing her problems back in 2007. He feels that she not only hurt herself, but hurt her family as well.
"Jail changes no one," Angelo remarked. "Lohan was basically there for punishment not rehabilitation. We all hope she saw the Light and forever changes her ways. However, prior to her jail sentence, Lindsay Lohan's behavior, actions, and attitude proved she was not even looking for the 'on-off switch' yet alone the Light."
Angelo insists that a faith-based program is the type of treatment that Lohan needs, not just another stint in a secular program.
"These free programs have proven track records," Angelo continued. "There is no special star treatment."
Lindsay Lohan was released from the L.A. Country jail on August 2nd and was immediately transferred to a court-ordered secular rehab program for 90-days. Afterwards, she is sentenced to 12-months of supervised probation.
For more information on Marty Angelo and his ministries, go to www.martyangelo.com
Marty Angelo is the author of the book, "Once Life Matters: A New Beginning."