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Life on Mars -- What Scientists Know But Aren't Telling

Renowned astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross is available for comment on NASA's controversial new report showing evidence of recent water on the Red Planet


Contact: Kathleen Campbell, Campbell Public Relations, LLC, 877-540-6022     


LOS ANGELES, Dec. 7 /Christian Newswire/ -- In 1988, long before NASA began the latest quest to find evidence of life on Mars, Hugh Ross projected that scientists would inevitably find not only traces of liquid water there but also life remains -- Earth life remains -- and would interpret these discoveries as support for a spontaneous natural origin of life on Mars.   However, the most up-to-date findings of origin-of-life research tell us that life could not have originated on Mars, nor could it have arisen by strictly natural means anywhere else in the universe. 


In dozens of interviews, Hugh Ross has addressed such questions as:


  • Does the discovery of avalanche channels, ice, and iron oxide hematite on Mars mean that lakes and rivers once existed on Mars?

  • The recent photographs seem to show traces of ice or water on the Red Planet.  If recent origin of life research proves these remains could not have originated on Mars, how did they get there?

  • Could Mars possibly have seeded Earth with life?

  • Are Mars rovers such as Spirit and Opportunity likely to find biological evidence for Martian life?

  • What is the likelihood that any life form could survive on Mars today?

  • Could Earth possibly have salted Mars with life? 

  • What does the latest research tell us about the origin of life?


Ross and his colleagues at the science-faith think tank Reasons To Believe have researched and written extensively on the topic of origins; from the origin of the universe, to the origin of life, to the origin of humanity. Their work over the past 20 years has led to development of a scientifically testable creation model.


Various parts of their model appear in such books as Origins of Life and Who Was Adam? by Ross and internationally respected biochemist, Dr. Fazale "Fuz" Rana.  Dr. Ross and Dr. Rana have presented and defended their model before university faculty and students at the University of Illinois, UC Davis, Ohio State, the University of Rochester, and other public institutions. Dr. Ross's most recent book, Creation as Science, provides an overview of the model and the reasoning behind it. Creation as Science also shows how such a model gives impetus to future scientific research.


An interview with Dr. Ross is guaranteed to spark intense discussion/debate and intriguing counterpoint to any articles or programs about the NASA's Mars explorations.  I am currently scheduling interviews with Dr. Ross, whose books include The Fingerprint of God, The Creator and the Cosmos, Beyond the Cosmos, Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men, and many others.  Footage of Dr. Ross is also available.  A media kit is ready for delivery via DHL upon request. 


To receive a media kit with books and more info, or to book an interview with Dr. Ross and Dr. Rana contact: Kathleen Campbell, Campbell Public Relations, LLC; 877-540-6022; kcampbell@thecompletesolution.com