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Christians for Assyrians of Iraq Plan Demonstration; Stand for Iraq's Assyrians, Save the Nineveh Plains

Contact: Julia Sorisho Rodgers, Christians for Assyrians of Iraq, 847-337-5273, christiansforassyriansofiraq@yahoogroups.com


WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 /Christian Newswire/ -- Representing Christian Assyrians, activists, and faith-based leaders, Christians for Assyrians of Iraq (CAI) plan to demonstrate at the White House on December 4th, 2006, and call U.S. political leaders to "Stand for Iraq's Assyrians, and Save the Nineveh Plains."


Two of Washington's most respected activists against religious persecution, Nina Shea of Freedom House and the Center for Religious Freedom, and Father Keith Roderick of Christian Solidarity International, are CAI's featured speakers.


CAI hopes this December rally will magnify the humanitarian crisis faced by Iraq's Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs) as they begin their 25-day period of fasting and prayer for the Christmas holiday. Recently, Assyrians worldwide were horrified to hear the news of:

  • the alarming trend, reported by the United Nations, that although Assyrians comprise 5% of Iraq's population, they also comprise under 40% of the refugees fleeing Iraq (October 2005)

  • the crucifixion-murder of a 14 year old Assyrian boy near Mosul (October 2006)

  • the beheading of Father Paulis Iskander in Mosul (October 2006)

  • the bombing of over 15 churches across Iraq, from Basra to Baghdad and from Mosul to Kirkuk (August 2004, January 2006, September 2006)

  • the kidnapping and murder of 13 Assyrian Christian women in Baghdad (August 2006)


CAI believes this humanitarian crisis may be reversed with the formation of an autonomous zone in Iraq for Assyrians and other Christians. This zone, called the Nineveh Plains Administrative Unit, will allow Assyrians and other Christians to practice their faith, speak and teach their language, and work their land without fear of persecution.


Time is running out for Iraq's Christians. This Christmas season, CAI invites members of the media, political leaders, Assyrians from every background, and faith-based leaders to attend this demonstration. Show your solidarity with CAI and demand the world pay attention to Iraq's most vulnerable population.


WHEN: December 4, 2006, 12 pm


WHERE: White House Sidewalk, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (Between East and West Executive Avenues)


WHO: Christians for Assyrians of Iraq


BLOG & PETITION: www.ninevehplains.wordpress.com