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Boortz Asks Why He Has Not Been Attacked Like Rush and O'Reilly

Contact: Gary McCullough, 202-546-0054


OPINION, Oct. 3 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following comments are submitted by Gary McCullough, director of the Christian Communication Network:


Today on his syndicated radio talk show Neal Boortz asks why he has not been attacked in the way conservative hosts Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly have.   The answer is that Boortz toes the line when it comes to the left's most precious idol, abortion on demand.


Whenever the opportunity presents itself Boortz mocks the moral values of Christians and their commitment to protecting innocent life.  He is not shy in telling Republicans to abandon the pro-life position if they want to succeed politically.  Boortz' belief that deeply held moral values are a weakness is a reoccurring theme on his broadcasts.


Boortz' October 1 diatribe claiming that Christians want to "put a gun to a woman's head and force her to have a baby she doesn't want to have," is the latest example of Boortz towering value to the far-left.  Continuing the same rant, he tells Republicans that they would be more successful if they would simply distance themselves from Christians, claiming that more rational voters would then support Republican candidates.


Boortz is a better friend to the far-left than Planned Parenthood and Moveon dot org.  He is perceived to be within the world of conservative talk, and abuses that misperception to spew anti-Christian bigotry.  A result of this masquerade is that Boortz' opinions are much more effective in causing division over principles that are the core of the Republican party.


So Mr. Boortz, while you wonder aloud why you are not being attacked by the far-left, and say you will have to do something to draw their fire, I hope you understand that if you are attacked, it will only be friendly fire.  You have sold out to those who see abortion as a sacrament.  Try any gimmick you wish, the liberal left are not going to trash you as long as you continue to be such a valuable asset to abortion rights defenders.