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Important Warning About Forced Abortion to Protect School Guidance Counselors and Teen Moms
Contact: Allan E. Parker, Jr., The Justice Foundation, 210-614-7157, info@txjf.org 

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Nov. 2, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- "The Justice Foundation is launching a training initiative for school counselors and medical professionals on the important topic of forced abortion," according to Allan E. Parker, Jr., TJF President.  "TJF has sent a warning letter to all school districts in Texas. It is unlawful for any woman in Texas to be forced, coerced or unduly pressured to have an abortion, including teens.  However, many people in Texas including counselors and medical professionals, do not know this and some have been giving misinformation to pregnant teens asking their advice.  Constitutional litigation against school personnel who were alleged to have participated in coercing a teenager to get an abortion has been upheld." Click here for Mental Health Professional letter. The Justice Foundation seeks to inform school professionals of the laws protecting women from forced abortion and their liability if they act improperly on this matter.
There are three very common types of forced abortion. The first, which often directly affects school counselors, involves parents or others forcing a pregnant teenager to have an abortion against her will.  The second is the father of the child forcing his wife or girlfriend to have an abortion and the third is sex trafficking where the girl is forced to have an abortion.

"The Justice Foundation provides training regarding the laws and available tools that will help in counseling the teens or their parents. The Justice Foundation has provided training against forced abortion for the last eight years throughout the country. This year we are focusing on training Texas school counselors, CPS workers, and law enforcement officers," said Parker.  

According to Parker, "Many teenage daughters and adult women are forced to have an abortion.  That is why this education and warning campaign is so important.  School districts can be held liable for participating in forced abortion.  A government official who coerces 'a minor to abort a child violates the minor's constitutionally protected freedom to choose whether to abort or bear her child.'  Arnold v. Bd. of Ed. of Escambia County, Alabama, 880 F. 2d 305 (11th. Cir. 1989)."  

Lovette says, "My forced abortion left me confused about the value of life.  I became suicidal, subsequently had a second abortion and it seriously affected my relationship with my mother." 
Karin Lynn-Hill says, "My forced abortion destroyed my relationship with my family and left me completely devastated about not being able to have my precious child. It truly effected my whole life, emotionally."  

Myra Myers says, "As a married woman with children, the fear of abandonment overwhelmed me as I felt verbally and emotionally pushed by my husband to abortion, the only choice."   

Nona Ellington says, "I was coerced into abortion at age 15 by a sister, my friends in high school and Planned Parenthood, where I had a free pregnancy test done. As a result of that abortion I was unable to have children, but instead had 5 miscarriages, 3 of them tubal pregnancies requiring emergency surgery and very near death experiences."  

These women and others are available to discuss their forced abortions.

If you would like more information about this issue or to schedule an interview please call The Justice Foundation at 210-614-7157 or contact us at info@txjf.org