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Action Movie Produced by Two Home-School Families Wins Awards
Christian Epic 'Pendragon' Scores Major Awards at Indie, Attic and Bare Bones Film Festivals
Contact: Michelle Delgado, 714-319-1552, mjwdelgado@sbcglobal.net;  www.pendragonmovie.com
ST. LOUIS, Mo., June 22  /Christian Newswire/ -- Burns Family Studios won the "2009 Indie Best of Show Award" award at the Indie Film Festival (www.theindiefest.com) for its recent release, "Pendragon: Sword of His Father," an epic, inspirational movie. In giving the award, Indie officials said, "'Pendragon' is a tightly-crafted, action-filled epic set in Britain's dark ages. As the barbarian fleets descend on the coast, the people of Britain defend themselves and their faith. The film has stunning visuals and a powerful score."
National media such as "Dallas Morning News," American Family Radio, Family Net, "Atlanta Live" and others have been fascinated with the story of two home school families sacrificing time and finances to undertake such an ambitious project.  The project took three years and required the lifetime savings of the principal partners, with an expense valuation of more than a quarter million dollars.
The two-hour motion picture, distributed through retail stores, has also been supported by Family Christian Stores, the nation's largest Christian bookstore chain, and Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the world's largest Christian television network. TBN will broadcast the film this month. 
Like the producers of the movie "Fireproof," whose production team is based in a small Georgia church, Burns Family Studios and their first project, "Pendragon," started as the faithful vision of two families – parents, aunts, uncles, young people and volunteers from their churches – with a big idea. 
The motion picture has been awarded four "Doves" by the Dove Family Foundation. It also won "Best Family Picture" for 2009 and two other awards at the Bare Bones Film Festival. It won the "2009 Best Technical Achievement" award at the Attic Film Festival. 
"'Pendragon' is a very impressive attempt at a historical epic ... very entertaining, inspiring and sometimes surprising Christian movie," said Dr. Ted Baehr of Movieguide, the family guide to movies and entertainment.
"Our family seeks to inspire Christians to embrace God's purpose for their lives -- to take up the world-changing task that God has for them," said director Chad Burns, 27. Aaron Burns, 21, Chad Burn's cousin, plays the lead role of Artos. He said, "As we saw 'Pendragon' through to completion, we watched God provide in amazing ways."   Aaron Burn's father, Andy, plays British ruler Ambrosius, while he also tends to the everyday Burns Family Studio financial concerns. Aaron's mother, Tracy, managed the hundreds of extras that played in the movie.
Watch the exciting movie trailer at www.pendragonmovie.com.
Please contact Michelle Delgado @ 714.319.1552 or mjwdelgado@sbcglobal.net to interview Chad Burns, Aaron Burns, Andy Burns or Tracy Burns.