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Sports Ministry Warned People in 2003 About a Potential Bruce Jenner Situation
Contact: 4 WINDS, 608-469-7956

MADISON, Wis., June 2, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- With his Vanity Fair front page promotion, sports hero Bruce Jenner, now supposedly Caitlyn, will open a floodgate of immorality that will affect Americans for generations to come.

Jenner's decision will be exploited by the media and the education system throughout the world. Confused people will now have an adult transgender as a hero.

4 Winds Christian Athletics President Steve McConkey stood up against the International Olympic Committee in 2003 when they allowed transgenders in the Olympics. He was the only sports person publicly addressing the issue.

Steve knew this decision would open the floodgates for immorality. Currently, thirty-three state high school associations allow boys to compete on girls teams, and vice versa. Now you have the Jenner situation.

Also, he has publicly stood up against the International Olympic Committee, US Olympic Committee, NCAA, and USA Track and Field for caving into the gay agenda.

"We are living in a time where athletes will be monitored for what they believe," states Steve McConkey. "Athletes who believe homosexuality is a sin could be penalized by governing sports organizations."

Steve has been slandered online by many, including BuzzFeed from New York City. On February 4, they had an article saying conservatives like Steve cause transgenders to commit suicide. BuzzFeed has a reach of 100 million people.

"Christians are on the verge of persecution that they have never experienced before in the United States," says McConkey. "The Supreme Court's same-sex decision this month is important, but already states are pushing for homosexuality. We need to pray and stand up even if we are in the minority. Only a revival can reverse what we see."

Steve McConkey is the President of 4 Winds Christian Athletics (4 WINDS). Steve and his wife started working in world-class track and field ministries in 1981, with ministry offices in Oregon, Texas, Minnesota, and now Madison, Wisconsin. With an emphasis on defending the Christian faith, 4 WINDS expanded to all sports in 2014. Steve regularly appears on worldwide radio and is frequently quoted in articles throughout the world. He has a Master of Public Health from Western Kentucky University and a BS-Public Health from Minnesota State University, both with honors. Steve was born in Des Moines, Iowa, but moved to NW Wisconsin after the sixth grade and became a Christian in 1976 after reading the New Testament while in college. 4 WINDS produces BigPlanetWatch.com.