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Association of Biblical Counselors Equips Christians to Provide Wise Counsel from Scripture

The Theology of Therapy - God's Word Trumps Secular Psychology

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DALLAS, Texas, Sept. 18 /Christian Newswire/ -- When Jeremy Lelek applied for his first job as a licensed professional counselor, his potential employer asked him what he thought about Biblical counseling. His reply? "It's simplistic." Lelek's goal was to become a Christian counselor—a professional whose approach includes both secular psychology and some use of the Bible. Although he felt that the Bible was not sufficient to treat many of the problems a counselor must address, he agreed to receive training in Biblical counseling. In his words, "I came in a skeptic, but left convinced."

Lelek now serves as the president of the Association of Biblical Counselors, an organization that offers resources designed to equip professional counselors, pastoral staff and everyday Christians to provide wise counsel that comes straight from Scripture. Like a growing number of LPCs, he can testify to the true and lasting changes he witnessed in his clients when he decided to set aside the integrated approach used by most Christian counselors and began counseling from the Bible alone.

"Your basic view of human nature should determine the methods of counsel. It gives you a target, something to change," Lelek explains. "As believers, our view of human nature is at odds with secular psychology. Psychology is defined as the study of the soul. At ABC, we believe that Scripture provides the best and only true psychology. The Bible answers every single question that psychology tries to answer."

ABC offers the information that can transform a counseling practice or a church body, specifically when there is no professional counselor on the pastoral staff. Memberships are available for professional counselors, pastoral staff, laypersons and students. Benefits of membership include:

• Counsel God's Word E-Journal, a monthly subscription to an informative and inspirational publication that will highlight the best thinking in Biblical counseling

• Ready to Use Resources that can be downloaded from the ABC website and used in counseling (i.e. biblically informed assessments and other tools)

• Online Forums with key figures in Biblical counseling to help members sharpen their skills

• Excellent Training Opportunities including credits for continuing education

• Certificate of Training that may be displayed by counselors to show their commitment to Biblical counseling

• Scholarly Reviews of popular books and resources to help members biblically separate truth from error