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California ProLife Leaders Ask Governor to Enforce His Promised 'No Kill State' Commitment

California ProLife Council and Right to Life Federation
Jan. 22, 2020

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jan. 22, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- Leadership of the California ProLife Council and Right to Life Federation (California ProLife) the stale's largest prolife alliance, today asked Governor Newsom to keep his commitment to make California a "No Kill State."

Sheila Green, Esq., Vice-President of California ProLife, provided documentation that the state no longer enforces the existing 'Born Alive Infant Protection Act' protecting viable babies born in the course of an abortion (Health and Safety, Sec. 123435).

She also provided excerpts from California's Medi-Cal Providers Manual where it states that California government funds late-term abortion of healthy children when there is no medically indicated reason (no danger to mother, or 'problem' with child). "At any gestational age... medical justification and authorization not required." (pg. 1 - Abortion)

On May 30 of 2019, Governor Newsom invited women from across the country to come to California to get any type, and any stage of abortion they wanted (LA Times 5/31/19).

Chairman of California ProLife, Commissioner Brian Johnston, (formerly a California Commissioner on Aging) asked if, "The Governor would please extend to vulnerable human beings at least some of the respect he is demanding for small animals. Under the Constitution human life is properly considered more valuable than that of an animal, and cannot be freely 'owned' or disposed of. This was the reason the Supreme Court's infamous Dred Scott pro-slavery decision was proven to be false. A human being cannot be owned, and such 'owned' human beings cannot ethically be killed without due process of law."

"The Governor's promotion of medical killing is unconscionable. It is propped up by simplistic, semantic euphemisms." Johnston concluded, "Governor, please give these living, targeted human children at least the same consideration you are now offering to small animals."

Commissioner Johnston and Ms. Green are available for press interviews, 11:00 a.m. Capitol Rotunda, 1/22/20

Special Report - Abortion in California

SOURCE California ProLife Council and Right to Life Federation

CONTACT: 310-962-1131

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