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Considering Homeschooling Endorses Exploring Homeschooling

Considering Homeschooling passes the torch on to a new dynamic homeschool recruitment organization.


Contact: Mbuyi and Mong-Tham Khuzadi, 714-686-3353


MEDIA ADVISORY, April 16 /Christian Newswire/ -- Considering Homeschooling is passing its commission for homeschool evangelism on to Exploring Homeschooling™, a new national homeschool recruitment group.


"We have been reaching Christian parents of babies, toddlers and preschool aged children for almost six years with this ministry," say Charles B. Lowers, founder and outgoing director of Considering Homeschooling. "Now it is time to pass the mantle of ministry on to new leaders with an exciting vision to reach even more Christians for homeschooling," said Lowers, who seeks to spend more time with his rapidly expanding family.


The new organization is named Exploring Homeschooling™ and is run by Mbuyi and Mong-Tham Khuzadi, homeschool parents of four children. "We began exploring homeschooling after hearing a Focus on the Family radio program," said Mbuyi Khuzadi, "I know that there are millions of young Christian parents like us out there who would homeschool, if only they were informed."


Exploring Homeschooling™, headquartered in Orange County, California, seeks to reach Christian parents about homeschooling through the use of cutting edge, on-line marketing techniques. The organization will directly target underrepresented groups such as Latinos, African-Americans and Asians, as well as the more traditional demographics of homeschoolers.


"As minority homeschoolers ourselves, we have seen significant benefits to our own children that can be duplicated in the lives of other minority families," said Khuzadi.


"Sending your kids to public schools is like playing spiritual Russian Roulette, with one empty chamber, instead of one full chamber," Khuzadi stated, "Statistics show that the majority of children from Christian homes sent to public school will walk away from their faith. It’s also been shown that the vast majority of homeschooled children keep the faith of their parents."


"Exploring Homeschooling™ has the potential to reach millions to encourage and equip them to homeschool their own children so that they remain loyal to Jesus Christ and so that they achieve the academic excellence that is missing from all other venues," said Khuzadi.


Mbuyi and Mong-Tham started the group Exploring Homeschooling™ to help other Christian parents discover the joy of homeschooling their children in the admonition of the Lord. They are articulate advocates of stay-home motherhood and homeschooling and have experience with media interviews.