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Press Conference: In Light of Recent Infractions, Citizens Call for Immediate Shut Down of Planned Parenthood

Contact: Fr. Terry Gensemer, CEC For Life, 205-253-0159

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Feb. 14, 2017 /Christian Newswire / -- On Wednesday, February 15, at 10:00 AM, CEC For Life will hold a press conference regarding Planned Parenthood of Birmingham's (PPB) documented history of non-compliance with state regulations, including the facility's recent deficiency report.

The press conference will be held outside of Planned Parenthood (1211 27th Pl S).

An inspection by the Alabama Department of Public Health conducted in September of 2016 yielded over 15 pages of alarming deficiencies, including:

  • Failure by physicians to document fetal viability.
  • Failure to document if patients viewed the ultrasound.
  • Failure to provide patients being discharged with the name or number of the emergency physician, or a list of medications administered at the clinic.
  • Failure to properly sterilize surgical instruments.

Director of CEC For Life, Fr. Terry Gensemer, points out that this list is only a fraction of the deficiencies detailed by ADPH, but these alone are enough to shut the facility down. He also says the report is only one document in a long line of documentation demonstrating PPB's complete disregard for regulations set in place to protect Alabama citizens.

Fr. Gensemer reports, "In 2010, this facility was placed on a year-long probation after failing to report cases of statutory rape. In 2012, it was sued for negligence when their abortionist performed a surgical abortion on a woman with an ectopic pregnancy, rendering her infertile. In 2014, its employees were caught selling abortifacients in the parking lot. How many chances will ADPH give this dangerous facility, and how many women will have to pay the price? This facility shows no regard for patients’ lives or regulations of the state they wish to operate in. They should be shut down immediately, not given another free pass."

Last weekend, over 10,000 citizens nationwide participated in rallies calling for Congress to defund Planned Parenthood due to continued criminal activity, including citizens in Birmingham. Rep. Arnold Mooney of the Alabama House (District 43) spoke at the Birmingham rally.

He states, "Planned Parenthood is a disgusting organization. As evidenced by last year's undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress, which showed Planned Parenthood harvesting and selling organs of aborted babies for profit. At the very least Planned Parenthood should be defunded! Taxpayer dollars should not support extreme and controversial private organizations."

Wednesday's press conference will call for ADPH to revoke the license of the Birmingham facility immediately.

CEC For Life is a ministry of the Charismatic Episcopal Church.