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New Book Reveals 'The Right Fight' Changes Everything

Contact: Marcia Davis,

BEAUMONT, Texas, Sept. 25, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- In "The Right Fight: How To Live A Loving Life," Kenny Vaughan reveals the real and revolutionary truth about love and fear and the right fight that changes everything.

Most of his life Vaughan struggled to understand love. He sought out top psychologists across the country who told him the only way to really love others is to first love yourself. But Vaughan says that advice is not the truth.

For Christians and non-Christians, "The Right Fight," dispels the universally-accepted "truth" about love and explains the "right fight" is the fight – not to love yourself and not to be loved – but to live a loving life focused on what is truly best for others.

"Most of us fight our fear of not being loved and we confuse the feeling or fruit of love for love itself," Vaughan writes. "Fighting fear is a trap that can destroy us, and fighting for the fruit or feeling of love is the wrong fight."
Through a poignant series of personal stories lightly salted with scripture, Vaughan shows his readers what love is and what love is not:

  • an encounter with a past U.S. president
  • a family drive to get ice cream that turns ugly
  • the unexpected at a checkpoint in the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey, and more.

Vaughan tackles love and fear in marriage, friendship, parenting, sports, business and faith.

The page Illustrations contrasting a fruitful life and a fruitless life bring the book's striking truths home for readers from every walk of life.

The gripping closing chapter portraying raw courage and selfless love proves unforgettable, sealing this easy-read as radically life-changing.

Order "The Right Fight" (hardback ISBN-13: 9718-1-61254-295-9) published by Brown Books, Dallas, through www.shieldsofstrength.com, Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. 
Kenny Vaughan is a husband and father of three, a world class athlete, a popular speaker and founder of Shields of Strength. He grew up in Southeast Texas, where he learned to waterski, to hunt and fish, to understand God's perfect love and to honor God, country and family. Through the years, Vaughan has been interviewed by a host of national media. His @johnkennedyvaughan Instagram posts about love and faith are inspiring tens of thousands across the country. For more, see