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Why Has the Church Abandoned the Political Battlefield in America

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ENUMCLAW, Wash., Mar. 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- Have you ever wondered why two people can go to the same church, hear the same sermon, watch the same news, but come up with two distinctly different political opinions? Using the story of two brothers, the biblical Cain and Abel, Simpson exposes what he sees as contaminations of the heart that have shaped our overall political worldview and have become the source of serious divisions in our political thought. “Looking for America” is a clear observation of the forces behind our political ideologies and a study of the rudimentary elements of true liberty, which are all but lost in America today.

The author believes that the primary difference between America and socialistic countries has always been the difference between faith and fear. Simpson warns of our pending slide into the same abyss of tyranny once suffered by the children of Israel as we continue growing into a fear based society. “Looking for America” is a call to each of us to examine our own heart contaminations and to return to the simple faith understood by our forefathers as the true foundation of good government.

According to Simpson, most church members have simply dropped out of governmental and political involvement and the result is devastating. The culture is growing more polarized on major political issues and we are losing every debate in the halls of our legislatures on important issues like abortion and homosexuality.

“Looking for America” is written as an in-depth study of the state of a nation as seen through the eyes of a lobbyist and political strategist who has been involved in the political arena for many years. Simpson takes on the Republican Party for its failure to live up to its own platform principles. He urges Christians to demand more from Republicans.

But most of all, the book is a call back to the simple faith that helped our forefathers establish themselves in this great land. The author believes that true faith holds the answers to our modern dilemmas because faith defeats fear and because faith is creative in nature. The answers we seek to our life are to be found in a renewed and strengthened faith.

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