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2008 Restore America Conference-Feb 22-23

Contact: James Autry, Conference Media Coordinator, www.restoreamerica.org, 503-639-7298;  & K-Praise 1330 AM Station Manager, www.kkpz.com, 503-242-1950 

PORTLAND, Or., Jan. 3 /Christian Newswire/ -- It takes only a small minority in leadership of the seven major spheres of influence within any society to control the direction of any nation. Throughout the last several generations, God fearing Americans have yielded their historical leadership in the realms of Family, Religion, Education, Government, Business, Media and Entertainment.  In their absence, a small number of anti-God Americans have gained control of society and are reshaping these spheres with their ideas of virtue & moral values, sex with anyone, power over everything, and money for anything that satisfies the fallen nature of mankind.

The 2008 elections, with the spheres of education, the media, and entertainment, under the control of God mockers, will have far reaching ramifications for America, and the world. In the 2004 General Election, 19 million of the 52 million Evangelical Christians in America who were eligible to VOTE, did not VOTE! What's worse, that number increased to 28 million in the 2006 election! Still more disturbing, millions of Bible believing Christians remain unregistered to VOTE!  By calling these Bible believing Christians to register and VOTE, more conservative, Christian world view candidates can be elected and the current strategies that are destroying America, thwarted. 

The 2008 Restore America, Know the Truth, Change the Culture, February 22-23 Conference at Rolling Hills Community Church in Tualatin, Oregon (just a few miles south of Portland), will speak to this issue and each sphere to show how Christians can restore their historical American culture.  Georgene Rice, with KPDQ-FM will again be the Master of Ceremonies and these "politically incorrect" questions, addressed:  (FAMILY – "Is Homosexuality Wrong?" RELIGION – "Are We At War With Islam?" –EDUCATION – "Who Is Controlling Public Education?" GOVERNMENT – "Can a Secular Government Protect Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?" BUSINESS – "Should Faith Influence the Workplace?" MEDIA – "How Does the Media Shape Our Culture?" ENTERTAINMENT – "What Is Our Entertainment Costing Us?")  National Speakers include former lesbian activist and magazine editor - Charlene Cothran, former Muslim terrorist - Kamal Saleem, syndicated columnist - Starr Parker, Terri Schiavo's attorney - David Gibbs III, historian - Marshall Foster, movie makers - Jonathan & Debra Flora, and WorldNetDaily.com Vice President - David Kupelian.

For More Information Contact:

James Autry
Conference Media Coordinator
503-639-7298  &
K-Praise 1330 AM Station Manager