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Just Released: A Hard-Hitting Book on Mitt Romney's Pro-Homosexual Record while Governor of Massachusetts

Contact: Amy Contrada,

WALTHAM, Mass., Feb. 28, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Massachusetts pro-family activist Amy Contrada has just released her definitive study of Mitt Romney's role in implementing "gay marriage," promoting GLBT "rights," and supporting the sexual-radical agenda in the Massachusetts schools while Governor. The e-book is available at Amazon.com: "Mitt Romney's Deception:  His Stealth Promotion of 'Gay Rights' and 'Gay Marriage' in Massachusetts." 

Contrada details how Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney supported the homosexual and transgender agenda on same-sex "marriage," sexual-radical indoctrination in the schools, and societal transformation -- while posing as a defender of the Constitution and traditional family values. Pro-family leaders enthusiastically recommend the book:

Peter LaBarbera (Americans for Truth about Homosexuality) says, "In writing the meticulously documented 'Mitt Romney's Deception,' Amy Contrada has done the job that the liberal media was supposed to do. What she has uncovered is stunning even to experienced critics of Romney's equivocation on homosexual issues. Contrada lays bare Romney's servile embrace of the radical Massachusetts 'gay' agenda. Then she exposes his subsequent doublespeak in posing as the stalwart defender of traditional marriage in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination."

Linda Harvey (MissionAmerica) writes, "This book could not be more timely or more thorough in presenting the case against a Romney presidency. Ms. Contrada has given a gift to America by exposing the faux 'conservatism' of former Governor Mitt Romney."

Steve Baldwin (former Executive Director of the Council for National Policy and former California State Assemblyman) says, "It is gratifying to finally read a book that penetrates the cloud of propaganda that the media, the establishment Republicans, and yes, even some so called 'conservative' leaders have woven around Mitt Romney and his past. Amy Contrada documents in great detail how Romney was perhaps America's most pro-homosexual governor. Candidates should be judged by their past actions, not by their rhetoric."

Mitt Romney is no conservative, despite his attempts to appeal to that element in the Republican Party. He is an "establishment fixer" -- a preserver of the status quo at best, or a promoter of social liberal causes and institutions at worst. In Massachusetts, the establishment -- protected and advanced by Romney -- was uniquely committed to the radical homosexual and transgender agenda.

Conservatives will find Contrada's research invaluable in evaluating Romney as a Presidential candidate. Even those uninterested in Romney will find this a fascinating record of sexual-radical activism, whether for same-sex "marriage" or school programs promoting GLBT "rights." The book is a rare combination of political history and analysis, enlivened by uncompromising commentary from a front-line activist.

Focusing on the issue of "gay rights," Contrada documents Romney's largely untold history as Governor of Massachusetts:

  • How Romney implemented same-sex "marriage" while ignoring the Massachusetts Constitution.
  • How Romney followed a constitutional amendment strategy doomed to failure, while ignoring the possibility of removing the judges who ruled for same-sex "marriage."
  • How Romney undermined the principle of religious freedom and failed to defend Catholic Charities in the "homosexual adoptions" fiasco.
  • How Romney implemented radical homosexual and transgender programs in his Department of Social Services and Department of Public Health.
  • How Romney funded and promoted homosexual and transgender indoctrination in the public schools through his Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, and his Department of Education "Safe Schools" programs.
  • How Romney worked directly with radical homosexual activists to promote their self-defined "rights."

The book is superbly documented with almost 900 detailed footnotes (with live links to sources). It includes a compendium of Romney's public statements related to "gay rights"; contemporary commentary; a detailed timeline covering Romney's implementation of same-sex "marriage"; extensive detail on sexual-radical indoctrination in the Massachusetts schools; and previously unpublished photographs. It is a unique resource by an activist on the front lines of the culture war during Romney's term as Governor.

Contrada holds a B.A. summa cum laude (Tufts University), an M.A.T. (Brown University), and a Diploma in Violin Making. She is a 40-year resident of Massachusetts. Contrada has been a reporter, researcher, writer, and office staffer for the pro-family organization MassResistance (Waltham, Mass.) since 2004.