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Christian Computing Magazine Celebrates its 25th Birthday
Contact: Steve Hewitt, President, Christian Digital Publishers, Editor, Christian Computing Magazine, 816-331-525, steve@cdpublishers.com

RAYMORE, Mo., Jan. 8, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Twenty five years ago, Steve Hewitt served as a pastor in central Missouri when he published the first issue of Christian Computing Magazine (CCMag) January, 1989. At that time, there was no Internet, Windows, Google, and those early years were spent with the goal of convincing churches that a computer could and should be a vital tool for ministry! Many pastors prior to 1989 had even preached that the "computer" would be the anti-Christ!

CCMag is the foremost Christian publication to provide information about constantly changing technology tools and how they could apply to church business and ministry. CCMag was the first Christian publication to put their entire content available on the Internet. They were the first Christian publication to move from print to digital distribution. They were the first Christian publication to have an app, and they have continued to be a leader in using new technology to distribute their message.

"We have seen many milestones in the last 25 years," stated Steve Hewitt, "including the adoption of Windows, expansion of the Internet, and the transformation to mobile computing!" When asked about the most trying times during the last 25 years, Hewitt concluded, "It would have to be 1998 and 1999 when we tried to calm the fears of people about Y2K. Televangelists and some Christian radio shows had many people stirred up; believing Y2K would cause our economy and government to collapse. We invested a lot of time, travel and money in our efforts to get the word out that Y2K wouldn't be a problem."

What does the future hold for Christian Computing Magazine? "As we begin our 26th year of publishing," Hewitt shared, "we will be emphasizing the connection between technology solutions and products and how they directly enhance and expand ministry." "Desktops are dying, mobile computing is expanding at incredible rates and we are all learning to deal with the cloud," Hewitt continued, "Technology is central to communication and connection, which is of vital interest to any church that wants to reach their members and/or their community."

For more information, or to talk to Steve Hewitt, email steve@cdpublishers.com, or call his direct line, 816-550-8082. His bio can be accessed at www.ccmag.com/stevebio.pdf.