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Scourby KJV Bible App Hits World Markets with...the Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book

Contact: John Richards, CEO, Marketing Litchfied Associates, +44-289-568-0022; scourby.com  

LONDON, Dec. 28, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Litchfield Associates, a UK company, introduces their revolutionary Bible APP and Android Bible App, which puts the King James Bible at users fingertips.

In 1450 the Gutenberg Press was invented, the first printing was the Bible, which immediately became the newest way to access the oldest book.

The King James Bible was first printed in London, UK in 1611. Until very recently, if readers wanted to access the King James Bible, they would do it as was done in 1611, with a book. But now, with application software and smart devices, users can now access the King James Bible online in a whole new way. The Bible app, the download audio bible and android bible app have now become the very Newest Way to access the Oldest Book.

With the KJV Audio Bible App users can instantly access any book, chapter and verse and have it delivered back in a bimodal presentation of both text and audio. Studies have shown the many benefits of a bimodal presentation. This simple technique can increase understanding, comprehension and help with scripture verse memorization.

The KJV Bible reading is provided by world famous narrator Alexander Scourby, who the Chicago Tribune wrote, "has the Greatest Voice ever recorded." Users can retrieve word searches in seconds, multitasking and create Bible reading plans.

The Bible APP and Bible download (mp3) is ideal for daily commutes to and from work. Creating playlists of favorite Bible passages and scriptures verses is a breeze. Users can create reading plans to read the King James Bible through in one year or less. The Bible APP also has an electronic book mark, history of where users have been, night mode setting, settings for font size and much more. Users are even taking the APP to Church to instantly look up Bible passages during sermons. With the introduction of the new Scourby Bible APP, Christians now have an exciting new way to access the Bible.

Alexander Scourby was the first to record the King James Bible in the 1950s on long play records. Since then, millions of cassettes, CDs, DVDs and MP3's have been sold. At scourby.com users can listen to Alexander Scourby read selected Bible passages, watch free videos, take an APP tour and experience "The Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book."