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Fr. Euteneuer Calls for Firing of 'False Teacher,' Applauds Bishops

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FRONT ROYAL, Va., Mar. 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, STL, president of Human Life International, (HLI) said today, "Catholic parents should shudder at the thought of Dan Maguire teaching theology to their children at a Catholic University. I call upon Marquette to stop hiding behind false ideas of tenure and 'academic freedom' in the face of theological malfeasance and dismiss Dan Maguire. A Catholic university should be Catholic and not tolerate false teachers like Maguire."


Father Euteneuer applauded the Doctrine Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for their clear and ringing rebuke of dissident Professor Daniel Maguire of the theology department of Marquette University in Milwaukee. The bishops declared formally that Maguire's ideas on contraception, abortion and same-sex marriage were totally inconsistent with the Catholic Faith. He is not a Catholic if he teaches false doctrine.


"I am very heartened that the bishops of the committee finally addressed an erroneous model of moral theology that dissenting theologians have used for decades to mislead the faithful" Father Euteneuer said.


This idea wrongly states that the opinions of theologians are somehow co-equal with the Magisterium—the teaching authority of the Church which Christ Himself established.


"High profile Catholics who dissent on clearly-defined teachings," Father Euteneuer said, "have no doubt been influenced by the kind of nonsense that Maguire and his friends have been propagating for decades; namely that certain crucial moral teachings of the Church are 'optional' when they are not."


Last Fall Human Life International, in its quarterly publication FrontLines awarded Maguire, an ex-priest who is divorced and remarried, its "Millstone Award" for his extreme advocacy of abortion, contraception and "same-sex marriage." The award's title refers to the fate of those who mislead the innocent as spoken by Jesus in Matthew 18:6.


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