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Trials of Alcoholic Parent Shapes Child's Faith

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MEDIA ADVISORY, Dec. 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- At the tender age of eleven, Sarah Norkus knew all too well the pain of alcoholism as her mother had gone from bad to worse after her parent's divorce. In her book The Eleventh Summer, Norkus shares the memories of that year until her mother's accidental death. Like 26 million children of alcoholic parents (11 million under the age of 18), her mother's alcoholism affected her in a so many different ways. She decided to write her story to give young children of alcoholics a voice and to demonstrate the importance of the stable adults that helped her go on.


This is a story of help and healing. Young Norkus found her comfort in God, the stability of her nanny, Mattie, and her father whom she visited sometimes on weekends. The days in between were a living nightmare, yet admirably she never held bitterness in her heart. From beatings to verbal berating, to being "mother" to her three younger siblings, Norkus was forced to grow up quickly. After rescuing her mother from attempted suicide, she prayed for God to take her mom to heaven so she could be happy again. Two weeks later her mother fell down a flight of stairs and died later that night of an aneurysm.


As an advocate for children of alcoholic parents, Norkus' life provides hope that being raised by an alcoholic parent doesn't have to leave a person crippled or bitter for life. Instead she's thankful that she had God to talk to that summer, and that through such a trial she learned to trust Him. It was these trials that made her strong. She also encourages adults to be active in the lives of children who have alcoholic parents. Her father wisely provided a nanny, Mattie, who stayed in their home five days a week. Mattie protected and comforted the children as much as possible. More than anything else, she made Norkus feel loved.


The Eleventh Summer shows the reality of life with an alcoholic parent. Step into the mind and world of an eleven-year-old girl who shares her fears, hopes and dreams. It will give you greater understanding and compassion for children and the devastating effects of alcohol, yet hope in God who is greater than such a sin.


The Eleventh Summer can be purchased by calling toll free 1-877-421-READ (7323) or through www.PleasantWordBooks.com or your local book store.