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New Online Church Ministers to Tens of Thousands Around the Globe ...and the Number of Souls Seeking Solace is Growing Daily

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- Bill Keller, the world's leading internet Evangelist and founder of the largest interactive Christian web site, Liveprayer.com, recently launched an exclusively internet-based church that is already meeting the spiritual needs of tens of thousand of people around the globe every week.

"This Online Cathedral will become the church home to well over one million people around the world within the first year," says Keller, who began LivePrayerChurch.com in October.

Using cutting edge technology to minister to the hurting and win souls for Jesus Christ, the controversial Pastor Keller launched Liveprayer.com over nine years ago. He has since turned the site into the world's largest interactive Christian web site, with over 2.4 million subscribers to his daily devotional, personally penned by Keller every day since the site's inception. Liveprayer.com has a team of over seven hundred retired pastors who send personal responses to over forty thousand email requests for prayer each day.

Keller also hosts a popular daily TV program that for five years ran on a CBS-owned affiliate in the Tampa market, where Keller's ministry is based. That program was moved exclusively to his web site in January of 2008 after CBS executives tried to censor him from saying anything negative about the Muslim faith. Keller has also been in the national spotlight for his stand against Mitt Romney and the false doctrines of the Mormon Church, and is known internationally for his now infamous video message to Osama Bin Laden.

"The larger percentage of two full generations have never even been to church in their lives," says Keller, in reference to his new online church. "There are also millions of people who have had negative church experiences, but who are still looking for a church to call their own. We have simply used twenty-first century technology to create an online house of worship that is a church in every sense of the word, and we minister to people who are seeking a church home."

Keller's new Online Cathedral church features a weekly service that is made available at 12:01AM EDT each Sunday, and remains up for the entire week for people to view at their convenience. One of the unique features of the Liveprayer church is that viewers choose the type of music they want to accompany Keller's service: old hymns, praise and worship, or gospel. And for church members, there are helpful resources such interactive bible studies; evangelism training; discipleship classes for new converts; ministries geared to men, women, and youth, and a fellowship area that utilizes some of the great social networking tools available today.

Some who have criticized Keller's Online Cathedral claim that it is impersonal, not a replacement for a traditional church experience. Keller shares that a good portion of the forty thousand plus emails his ministry responds to daily are people who do have a local church home, but can't get their pastor or anyone to even pray for their needs. Keller is confident that despite the fact his church is based online, he will do as good a job as the majority of bricks and mortar churches - possibly better - at ministering to the needs of those who come to his services.

"A church is not defined by its architecture; it is defined by the people who attend," explains Keller. "Whether people gather in a bricks and mortar structure, or online, these are simply the places where people come to worship. And those who gather to listen to my online sermon each week will hear the truth of the bible preached without compromise on topics that most pastors are afraid to talk about."

Keller says he is excited that in just thirty days his new online church is averaging over ten thousand people each week, and that twenty percent of these worshippers are visiting from outside the United States. He estimates that within the first year, the Liveprayer church will receive well over one million weekly visitors from every corner of the world.

"The beautiful thing is that those worshipping at Liverprayer's Online Cathedral are experiencing a kind of snapshot of heaven: people of all races and ethic backgrounds, bound together by the shed blood of Jesus Christ."

The news media has crowned Pastor Bill Keller the next big thing in mass media religion. Keller is the host of Live Prayer with Bill Keller, the nation's only live call-in faith and values-based program airing exclusively on the internet. Live Prayer deals head-on with issues ranging from divorce, homosexuality, abortion, sexual abuse, pornography, drug addiction, radical Islam, race relations, spousal abuse, false prophets and more, from a conservative, biblical world-view. Unscripted and unedited, Live Prayer is a fresh and totally spontaneous approach to problem solving. The program can be seen live, Monday through Friday from 10 PM to 11 PM EST, and 24/7 through programs archived on LivePrayer.com.

In 1999, Keller launched LivePrayer.com, which has become the most successful online faith outreach in history. Since its inception, LivePrayer.com has responded personally to more than 60 million online requests for prayer. Additionally, Keller's Live Prayer devotional is received daily by over 2.4 million email subscribers, making Keller's devotional one of the most read e-communications in the world. For information on where to watch Live Prayer in your area, visit