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America Descends Into Socialism
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MADISON, Wisc., Feb. 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- Thirty-six percent of Americans have a positive view of socialism according to a recent Gallup poll. Fifty-three percent of Democrats are positive about socialism compared to seventeen percent of Republicans.
There are different types of socialism, but all eventually lead to the loss of Christian freedoms. In every country where socialism becomes dominant, Christians are harassed and stripped of freedoms, even to the point of death.
UndergroundNews.us has found that many people have been slaughtered under the guise of socialism. China's Chairman Mao killed 65 million. Lenin and Stalin of Russia produced 25 million deaths with 25,000 perishing on some days. (All socialistic deaths quoted are non-war deaths)
Hitler, a socialistic fascist, killed 11 million people, including 6 million Jews. Pol Pot of Cambodia produced 2 million deaths after the Viet Nam War.
Many Americans believe that socialism is a good thing like their European and Canadian cousins. However, many of these countries are denying Christians the freedoms they once had.
Every week, UndergroundNews.us uncovers stories of European and Canadian people being harassed because of their Christian beliefs, or being silenced because of their educated critiques of Islam and other religions. Also, Christian freedoms are being taken away every day in the United States.
Throughout the world, atheist organizations trumpet their socialistic causes by abolishing religious freedoms. Socialism is known for its attack on religion from the very foundational works of Karl Marx.
Most Christians do nothing because they are fearful, burdened down by their own plight for survival, and lacking clear Biblical positions on freedom.
Our UndergroundNews.us research has found there are 42 million abortion deaths worldwide, 9 million for starvation, 3 million for AIDS, and 0 for global warming. Nearly 70% of unnecessary deaths are from abortion, another socialistic endeavor.
UndergroundNews.us President Steve McConkey believes "Christians need to return to the simple principles of the Bible that proclaims a simple message of salvation to the lost. After salvation, good works will follow. Many today are doing works without Christ, which leads to confusion."
Steve McConkey is the President/Founder of 4 WINDS, a ministry which operates UndergroundNews.us and 4TrackandField.us. Steve and his wife started in track and field ministries in 1981, first with Athletes in Action. From 1982 through 1992, Steve was a Director/Coach of elite post-collegiate Christian teams.