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Ministry Hub Replaces Google

Contact: Tim Yates, President, Ministry Hub, 515-770-6013, tim@ministryhub.com

DES MOINES, Iowa, Aug. 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- Ministry Hub, LLC., announced today the launch of Ministryhub.com, an online community of pastors dedicated to finding and sharing the most relevant ministry ideas.

Ministry Hub is a bold new approach to finding the most relevant programming elements for churches today. It combines the power of social networking with cutting edge technology that facilitates and captures ideas in a centralized and ever-growing database. "MinistryHub.com will allow those who serve in Ministry the ability to network together on a greater scale than ever before" said Tim Yates, President of Ministry Hub, LLC. "Through peer recommendation they will be able to find the product they need, when they need it."

In addition to the "Virtual Brainstorming Sessions" (VBS), the Ministry Hub platform features a central meeting place (the Hub), where pastors can network with others in ministry and select current topics for discussion. It also provides the results of the session in a customizable viewing format that allows them to preview and purchase products with ease. "Ministry Hub allows me the opportunity to create meaningful services with not only my own team members but also other creative people around the country. I can see Ministry Hub becoming a very valuable tool to any church no matter the size" said Jeff Poole, Creative Arts Director of The Crossing Community Church. "It saves me from endlessly searching for ideas."

Hundreds of thousands of pastors all over the world scour the Internet each week in search of songs, dramas, and media clips to better illustrate their weekend sermons. With no place to collaborate together and the lack of a cumulative database of service ideas, ministers may spend hours 'Googling' for relevant content, until now. MinistryHub.com enables those who serve in ministry to create a more effective message in less time. "Pastors have been waiting for a service like Ministry Hub. In addition to saving time and money searching for service ideas, we need a way to collaborate together to find out what's working in other churches and what's not working" said Jason Stark, Lead Pastor of Re-Church. When you're the one facing a blank page every Monday morning and need service ideas that you know will work, there is no better place to start than Ministryhub.com.

About Ministry Hub
MinistryHub.com is a community driven site where pastors and creative team members can network together through the use of our Virtual Brainstorming Sessions to find the perfect idea for their service or series.

With MinistryHub, you can:
- Find out the most current and relevant programming ideas...What's working in other churches and what's not!
- Network with your peers
- Participate in live Topical Brainstorming sessions
- Build your online creative team
- Download products online...save time searching
- Gain access to the largest and most relevant database of programming ideas online

To learn more, please visit http://www.ministryhub.com.  

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Tim Yates
Ministry Hub, LLC