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Best Selling Author Spends Forty Days and Nights in the Judean Desert

Contact: Stephanie Newton, 615-902-2320

MEDIA ADVISORY, March 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- At forty-two years old, Bill Elliott knew that he needed something more. Haunted by his past and troubled by his future, he has come to the ruthless Judean Desert for reasons that even he doesn't fully comprehend. Why risk his life in such an environment?

'Falling into the Face of God' is the vivid firsthand account of one man's 'lonesome, individual adventure' and the astonishing truths he uncovers while contemplating his existence. But 'Falling into the Face of God' is more than just the riveting account of Bill Elliott's forty days and nights alone in the caves of the desolate and deadly Judean desert.

Faced with extreme temperatures of close to 120 degrees, Elliott retreats daily into the caves to escape the unforgiving sunlight. During this time, he encounters hundreds of lizards, floors covered with jagged rocks, and infuriating flies that never leave his side. In the evening, he attempts to sleep on the floor of his tent which has acted as a furnace all day long trapping heat. And there is the constant fear of being bitten by a deadly snake or poisonous scorpion with the nearest help miles away. It is in these conditions that Elliott attempts to dive deeper into his understanding of this world and the next.

'In early June, I left the United States and traveled to the locus of my own soul,' writes Elliott. 'If one were to look at a map, they would say that my destination was Israel, and that I had traveled 6,497 miles. But in actuality, I traveled much further than that – upon a road whose traversing is not measured in miles, but by the deepening of the human experience, love, and acceptance. And not by direction (for there is only one direction-inward). And whose perilous mountains, cliffs, and valleys were not composed of stone or sand, but of one's own psyche (the most dangerous of the world's creations).'

William Elliott is on a personal and literary quest for meaning. To write his two previous books, he traveled across America and around the world to interview legendary spiritual and religious figures, including Billy Graham, Mother Theresa, and the Dalai Lama. www.williamelliott.com.