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Christian Universities Under Attack by LGBT Activists Trying to Stop NCAA Support
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MADISON, Wis., March 16, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- During the last few years, fifty-nine religious-based universities requested waivers so they would not have to fall under the new 2014 Title IX rules which allow transgenders to compete.

A coalition of LGBT activists recently sent a letter to the NCAA demanding that they stop protecting Christian universities from the new Title IX rules. In 1972, Title IX was passed to create gender equity in university sports.

In 2003, 4 WINDS president Steve McConkey was the only sports minister standing against the International Olympic Committee after they allowed transgenders in the Olympics.

"As I predicted months ago, Christian universities under the NCAA will now be under attack," says Steve McConkey. "The NCAA is full of politically correct individuals that have caved into the homosexual agenda in the past. Instead of standing up for the majority of athletes who oppose homosexuality, they could follow the politically correct road and come against Christian universities."

Transgender male athletes will pose an unfair advantage because of the skeletal and muscular superiority over female athletes. Many studies show that it takes years for men to lose their strength under hormone therapy.

McConkey has openly opposed the homosexual agenda promoted by the International Olympic Committee, USA Olympic Committee, NCAA, and other sports associations. He recently took the IOC on because they changed their transgender rule to allow men to compete as women with only a year of hormone therapy, reversing the 2003 rule requiring transgenders to have surgery and two years of hormone therapy.

Steve's recent television interview on transgenders in sports from VCY America in Milwaukee. vimeo.com/159060117

Steve McConkey is the president of 4 WINDS, a sports ministry that stands up for Christian athletes and encourages athletes to defend Christianity. Steve regularly appears on worldwide radio and is frequently quoted in articles throughout the world. He has a Master of Public Health from Western Kentucky University with honors and a BS-Public Health from Minnesota State University, Mankato with honors. Steve and his wife started in world-class track and field ministries in 1981 and expanded to all sports in 2014. Ministry headquarters have been in Eugene, Dallas-Fort Worth, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and now Madison, Wisconsin. Steve was born in Des Moines, Iowa, but moved to NW Wisconsin after the sixth grade. He became a Christian after reading the Bible as an undergraduate. 4 WINDS produces BigPlanetWatch.com and TrackandFieldReport.com.