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Troy Newman Removed from Advisory Board of Pro-Life Group in Washington D.C. for Lack of 'Good Will, Honesty, and Integrity' States Missy Smith
Contact: Missy Smith, Founder and President of W.A.K.E.U.P., 202-288-4984; www.prolifedefender.com
WASHINGTON, Aug. 1 /Christian Newswire/ -- Missy Smith, Founder and President of W.A.K.E.U.P. states:
"I make this announcement, hoping to set the pro-life movement free from serious lies that have brought much scandal, pain, confusion, and division...effective immediately, I have removed Troy Newman from my board of advisors. His repeated false, malicious, and public attacks on Randall Terry leave me no choice. His behavior is not one of good will, honesty or integrity; therefore I cannot and will not have his name associated with such an organization that is truly dedicated to the truth, honesty, and integrity of Our Lord and Our Lady."
Missy Smith is the Founder and President of W.A.K.E.U.P., based in Washington DC. She has known Mr. Newman for years, and considered him a friend. They participated together in various pro-life projects, and Mr. Newman served on her board of advisors for the last several years. Over recent months, she sought to mediate between Mr. Newman and Mr. Terry concerning the petition at the Trademark Office over who owns the Trademark, "Operation Rescue." As of today, Saturday, August 1, 2009, she has removed Mr. Troy Newman from her Board of Advisors because of his continued unethical and divisive behavior.
Partial statement of Missy Smith:
"...Three summers ago, Troy Newman made serious accusations against Randall Terry, and I believed them. The accusations proved to be false. Among those lies were that Randall was suing Troy in Trademark Court for his mailing lists, his money, and his web-site.
"...I spoke with the most well respected lawyer I know: my husband, John Lewis Smith III. Before retiring, my husband was the Managing Partner of the 10th largest law firm in America. He explained to me that what is going on between Troy and Randall is not a lawsuit as such but a petition to the Trademark Commission to make a determination who actually owns the so called "mark", Operation Rescue. He confirmed what Randall and others had told me – that the Trademark office has no authority to award monies, websites or mailing lists.
"...I confronted Troy with this information, and in spite of the truth, he kept attacking Randall with these and other false allegations...I can only guess that Satan is working thru Troy to bring down who many of us believe is the most powerful and effective leader that the pro-life movement has at this moment.
"...Therefore, do to this blatantly unchristian behavior, effective immediately; I have removed Troy Newman from my board of advisors. His repeated false, malicious, and public attacks on Randall Terry leave me no choice..."
Full statement of Missy Smith can be read at www.prolifedefender.com