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Fetal Pain Legislation: A Right Thing in the Wrong Way

Contact: Rev. Flip Benham, 980-722-4920; Dr. Pat McEwen, 321-431 3962

CHARLOTTE, NC, Dec. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following statement is from Rev. Flip Benham, Director of Operation Save America:

“Fetal pain” legislation, though sounding good, is a monstrous lie that takes our eyes off the true nature of the battle. Abortion is preeminently a Gospel issue. The devil would be happy with this, “oh so cleverly crafted,” legislation. “We need to be kind to the babies we are going to murder. Let’s reduce the pain for God’s sake. Let’s be humane in the way we kill.” The devil loses nothing with this “gentler and kinder” way to kill.

It assuages our consciences over the brutal murder of thousands of children every day, and makes us feel we have accomplished something for God. In fact, we have only exacerbated the problem. The life of every child conceived is precious in God’s sight and can never be legislated away by God’s people – no matter how well intentioned the legislation.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. There is such a thing as doing the right thing in a wrong way. It is not all right to kill a child if a woman has her parents’ consent. Neither is it all right to kill a child if the mother waits 24 hours before making up her mind. It isn’t all right to kill a child in the 1st and 2nd trimester, but not kill him in the 3rd trimester. And it is certainly not all right to kill a child after you anesthetize him. All four of these pieces of well intentioned legislation violate the 6th Commandment of Almighty God – “Thou shalt not kill.”

To expect God to honor your disobedience, no matter how well intentioned, is lunacy.

These pieces of legislation may indeed stop some abortions, but will never end ABORTION! We will plead the cause of the fatherless to win it, not to simply plead it. Abortion will come to an end in America when the Church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind it will come to an end – not one second sooner. Judgment begins in the house of God

see “Incrementalism, the Lie From The Pit of Hell” at - www.operationsaveamerica.org

Contact Rev. Flip Benham (980)-722-4920 or Dr. Pat McEwen (321) 431 3962 (to schedule interviews)