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TelePastor Launches Unprecedented Campaign, Offering Millions of Dollars in Free Services to 100,000 Churches

Contact: Lori Heiselman, 714-553-5181

CHICAGO, Nov. 17, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- The creator of TelePastor, My Client Notes, LLC, is honored to announce an unprecedented offer, committing to give away several million dollars in free 60-day trials of its video conferencing services. The platform solves vital issues that pastors and church counselors face when scheduling and maintaining confidentiality in their counseling ministry. TelePastor is an affordable, easy to use program that gives small groups, ministries, and church teams the ability to comfortably connect with their people.

TelePastor is effective for churches, denominations and colleges of all sizes. By using the HIPAA compliant e-Psychiatry platform, TelePastor offers a confidential video chat platform that allows pastors to provide counseling and coaching via any computer or mobile device with a camera.

"Christmas is one of the busiest times for pastors and their staff and we want to help," explains Karl Kay, CEO of TelePastor. "By offering the platform free of charge we hope that churches and ministries will not only realize the usefulness of the TelePastor platform for counseling, but the virtually unlimited number of ways that ministries can use the program. Pastors have one of the most challenging jobs and we hope that TelePastor can help ease some of the burdens of counseling and time-management, while helping parishioners feel empowered and confident in seeking counseling."

The TelePastor platform is also being utilized in churches across the country in a variety of ways other than traditional counseling ministries, including:

  • Continuing counseling care for those who travel, move, leave for college or who are home-bound.
  • Youth Pastors stay connected with students who have moved or are in school.
  • Small groups include members who are traveling or who are ill.
  • Ministry to moms who are at home with small children.
  • Denominations that need to have confidential communications with their leadership.
  • Discussions with missionaries who are on the field.
  • Welcoming committees greet newcomers face to face.
  • One on one staff meetings for churches with multiple campuses.

Pastoral counseling and encouragement are some of the essential outreach services nearly every church provides, but both staff and parishioners have hectic schedules and Pastors often lose productivity due to missed appointments. Coordinating a face-to-face meeting with those they shepherd who live or work far from the church location and be a large time commitment.

Video conference platforms such as Skype or Google Hangouts do not provide confidentiality and security measures that meet HIPAA guidelines for professional counselors. Now pastors and their staff can experience some of the advantages that professional counselors have already experienced, namely; fewer missed appointments and the ability to schedule brief follow-up visits.

TelePastor is offering this 60-day, free trial offer to churches that register before December 31, 2016. www.telepastor.com.