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Great Call-in, Interview Show -- The Passover Connection: Christians, Jews and the Holy War in the Holy Land

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JERUSALEM, Mar. 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- With hostile enemies surrounding Israel, this year's Passover and Easter has special meaning for Christians and Jews who wish to bring peace to the Holy Land. Hebrew tradition cites Passover where the blood of the lamb brought the Jewish people out of the bondage of slavery; Christian tradition cites the Passover as when the Lamb of God shed his blood to save the world from its sins. Two distinctly different meanings of Passover to two distinctly different religions, but Christians and Jews are uniting this Passover season. 


With war and unrest on the horizon, Moshe Abraham, an Israeli Jew who attended rabbinical school and is an international patent-producing inventor, explains why this year's Passover is uniquely uniting Jews and Christians as a powerful force for peace. Abraham offers provocative discussion and answers to the following questions:


  • What is the significance of this year's Passover at a time when the world seems to be hostile toward Israel?
  • How the support of Christians for Jews and the Jewish homeland has brought trust between the two religions.
  • How can Christians and Jews unite in their celebration of two differing beliefs to bring peace?
  • How do Jews and Christians relate and adhere to the command in Psalm 122:6, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem?

Credentials: Moshe Abraham is an Israeli Jew who attended rabbinical school, holds a degree from American University, and is inventor of the Jerusalem Compass that points to Jerusalem instead of true North like most compasses. The Jerusalem Compass is a symbolic reminder for those who wish to unite in prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.


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