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I Had a Dream, But What Does it Mean? John Paul Jackson Explains Dreams and Mysteries -- New Series, Thursday Nights on Daystar Network

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FLOWER MOUND, Texas, Oct. 1, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Ask Sigmund Freud to interpret a dream and he'd tell you that it was about sex. Ask Carl Jung and he'd tell you, it was about the self. Ask John Paul Jackson and he'll tell you dreams come from God and can have spiritual importance. "Dreams are one of mankind's greatest mysteries and they can guide, protect and encourage you."

Dreams are important for well-being. The average adult will have four dreams a night, even if they can't remember them. When a dream is remembered, people often wonder, "What does it mean?" and "Was this important?"

This fall, dreamers and mystery lovers can explore and interpret dreams on a new TV show, Dreams and Mysteries with John Paul Jackson. Jackson is a recognized authority on Christian spirituality and dream interpretation. Every week Jackson will explore supernatural mysteries and "explain the unexplainable" using stories and demonstrations extracted from Biblical texts with real-life spiritual application and often with scientific proofs.

Dreams and Mysteries has a documentary -- "Ted Talk" format with single topics topic such as: Justice, Angels, Evil, Power of Choice, True Spirituality, Time, and the Law of Attraction. "We are dealing big concepts that impact the very fiber of people's destiny," says Jackson. "We want to help people to understand their dreams and explore spiritual mysteries in a way that is relevant, thought provoking and meaningful."

Western dream analysis, led by Sigmund Freud and disciple, Carl Jung, reduced the scope of dreams to a physical reaction or an activity of the soul (psyche). According to Freud and Jung, the psyche exposes the unconscious mind and dreams do not have spiritual or prophetic importance. All major religions, and Jackson, strongly disagree.

"Dreams that come from the eternal spiritual source can be life-changing, but unfortunately too many Christians try to use a Freudian or Jungian instead biblical approach to dreams. It's like trying to unlock a door with the wrong key, it doesn't work," said Jackson. Jackson has interpreted over 40,000 dreams; identified dream categories and dreams symbols like- colors, animals, activities, and numbers. "What if last night, you had a God dream that gave you an answer to an important question, but you didn't realize it?"

Dreams & Mysteries with John Paul Jackson, can be seen Thursday nights, 10:30p.m.EST/9:30CST, starting Oct. 3rd, and Wednesdays at 4pmEST/3pmCST on Daystar.

For more information about Dreams & Mysteries, John Paul Jackson, or Streams Ministries, www.streamsministries.com