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New Book Sends Message in Poetic Form

Contact: Phyllis Strong, 770-875-8185

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- Touch Every Heart, written by Christian author Phyllis Strong, sends an inspirational and fact of life message in poetic form. Touch Every Heart is currently available through Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and Xlibris.com/bookstore.

This collection may appeal to those who enjoy reading straightforward poetry about everything from faith to traffic citations. The poem 'If' started Phyllis' journey back to writing poetry after seven years.


If no one was sick,
how could Jesus do the miracle of healing.
If no one gave,
how could a harvest come back from giving.

If no one needed help,
how could God make a way out of no way.
If night never came,
how could it be the next day.

If Jesus didn't shed his blood,
how could you and I be saved.
If Lazarus had not died,
how could Jesus raise him from the grave.

If we were never in bondage,
how could we be made free.
If there were never male and female,
how could babies be.

If the heart was never broken,
how could there be a mend.
If we never needed a shoulder to cry on,
how could appreciation be for a friend.

If we never read the Bible,
how could we know his will.
If we never messed up,
how could he love us still.

If there never was a thought,
how could this poem be.
If I never wrote it down,
how would you have known me.

Phyllis, the youngest of six, was born in Oklahoma. After losing her father at age seven and her mother at age ten, she was raised by her oldest sister. Phyllis now resides in Georgia.

Her book Touch Every Heart, concludes with the poem 'At year end', a must read. Don't go into another year without reading this poem.


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