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Uncovering the Truth About Money and the Tithe
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ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 3, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- In these days of economic uncertainty, investing money can seem like a gamble. Yet for Christians, there are biblical principles, that when obeyed, lead to a secure investment. In "Receiving Financial Blessing: How to Walk in Truth, Righteousness and Honesty with Money" ($19.99, paperback, 978-0-9967833-3-0), Stephen Kirkendall clearly identifies what Scripture says about money and giving God the tithe.

Stephen Kirkendall has helped Christians with their financial investments for many years—through mortgage loans, life insurance, investments, estate planning, retirement income planning, and wealth management. But he realized early on that most Christians were not being financially blessed. So he decided to dig deeper to find out the truth on biblical blessings of money. The result is a biblically-driven study, which is a must-have for believers.

During his search for answers, Kirkendall read other books yet he found that the Scripture quoted in those books was not interpreted correctly— it did not align with the Word of God. Kirkendall states, "Instead of wasting more time fact-checking other books, I felt the only way I could honestly answer questions about money would be to just read 'THE' book—God's Word, the Bible. I knew I could trust God's Word and wouldn't have to figure out who was right or wrong. If it can't be backed up by the Word, it's worthless."

Many Christians have been told that the tithe is not in the New Testament, and therefore, it doesn't apply to them. However, Kirkendall carefully explores what the New Testament says on the matter. He explains, "...we are grafted in when we accept Jesus as our Lord. If it was considered a godly practice for the Jews, and we are now grafted in, why would it not be a godly practice for us today? " When Christians are not giving Jesus what is "necessary," it keeps them from receiving the blessings He intends for His followers to have.

"Receiving Financial Blessing" is the most comprehensive book on financial blessings. There are over 70 blessings identified in Scripture that can result from giving God the tithe. Giving back to God is the wisest investment Christians can make. It will not only lead to security in finances, but to a completely blessed and prosperous life.

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