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Christian Apologist Responds to Pullman's His Dark Materials with Parent's Guide and Church Bulletin Insert

Contact: Anthony Horvath, 608-385-2629


LA CROSSE, Wisc., Nov. 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian apologist Anthony Horvath released a guide for Christian parents regarding Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" series. The free guide may also be printed and used as a bulletin insert for churches.


The Pullman series has been more popular in Britain than in the United States, but with the film adaptation of the first book in the series, "The Golden Compass," being released in December, that may change. Horvath's guide is available at just the right time.


Christians have disagreed about "Harry Potter," but the anti-Christian themes in "His Dark Materials" are indisputable.


Anthony Horvath explains, "Pullman's stories are vehicles to communicate what he thinks of the Christian church, Christian doctrines, and Christian morals. His hostility becomes explicit as the series progresses, with some of the more anti-Christian elements emerging in the later books. This is not a series we want to take laying down."


In response to the challenges posed by the Pullman books, Anthony has developed a one page Christian parent's guide that gives basic information about the series and highlights some of its anti-Christian themes.


Says Horvath, "In the series, there is a quest to kill the Christian God- 'a liar and a mortal.' However, Pullman's 'God' is nothing like God as Christians perceive Him. For this reason, one might think that the series poses no threat because any reasonably informed Christian would see the inaccuracies and the agenda behind the series in an instant. Young Christians will not be able to do that, which exposes the real issue: we need more reasonably informed young Christians."


Horvath hopes his parent's guide serves as a useful introduction for concerned individuals. It is available here as a free PDF download and is also designed for churches to use as bulletin inserts for their Sunday morning services.


Horvath urges churches and parents not to overreact: "Boycotting the series gives the impression that we need to be afraid of the ideas it contains. That said, I won't be seeing the movie and the copies I read were from the library. We need to learn how to keep our guard up whenever we are being 'entertained' and teach our children to do the same."


Anthony is available for interviews and presentations. Download the guide/insert at http://sntjohnny.com/front/archives/132. His apologetics website is http://www.sntjohnny.com. His fantasy fiction novel, "Fidelis" is available at www.birthpangs.com.