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'Christian Samurai' is an 'Essential' Read, 'Fascinating' According to Reviews

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MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- Critics, media personalities, and bloggers are finding The Way of the Christian Samurai: Reflections for Servant-Warriors of Christ (ISBN 0977223469) to be a unique and insightful book, and are openly recommending it to Christian readers.

ChristianBookReviews.net rated The Way of the Christian Samurai an 'Essential' book for Christians, praising its solid foundation on the Scriptures while breathing new life into Christian ideals, especially service, as 'samurai' means 'one who serves':

"The excerpts on serving one's lord are eye-openers for any Christian with a 'soft' view of service that rarely goes beyond activities at their local church," states the review. "The Way of the Christian Samurai is truly an unusual book among the many published that seek to link Christianity to various Eastern religions or philosophies. Its uniqueness lies not in any success in doing so, but in its insistence that any such linkage must be judged by the known truths of the Christian faith ... it is an important book that can be read with profit by those in the Church."

"After reading it, I have a much better sense of what service and self-denial is," said blogger Ben Copeland of http://OrthodoxDeviation.ReformedBlogs.com. "More importantly, it has helped me see more clearly the example that Jesus set, and has encouraged me that I can do much more in imitating it."

"I think it is very interesting to look at the Asian culture and use it to apply to Christianity. Certainly kids are being exposed to it more and more as that’s where essentially all of their cartoons are coming from now," said Michael Stine of Glorified Publishers, which gave The Way of the Christian Samurai its "Stamp of Approval" and listed it as their featured non-fiction book.

"Fascinating...an excellent book for many of the men in our lives," said Michelle Mendoza, host of Living Christian on KCIS Radio (AM 630 Seattle) during an interview with author Paul Nowak. "I enjoyed it as a woman, but there are a lot of men who are going to enjoy The Way of the Christian Samurai."

The Way of the Christian Samurai draws from the writings of real samurai warriors and, with the Scriptures, provides reflections for modern Christians. It can be purchased from major book retailers online and at http://www.Christian-Samurai.com, and is carried by major book distributors. Author Paul Nowak can be reached at 856.577.2869 or sales@dyinglight.com for comment or interviews.