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Israel Food Card Announces a Campaign for Southern Israel -- Operation Pillar of Support
Contact: Daniel Goodman, President, CharityChoice Gifts, 732-397-5056, dg@charity-choice.org 
LAKEWOOD, NJ, Dec. 3, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- JAR (Jewish assistance and Relief) is currently mounting an urgent campaign, "Operation Pillar of Support," to help those who were most affected by Hamas terror, raining down rockets on southern Israel from Gaza. Families in Be'er Sheva, Sderot, Ashdod, Netivot, and Ashkelon were affected by being out of work, compounding their already dire straits. Giving them extra help at this time, relieves some of the stress that they have been under and lets them know that others care.
The Food Card also helps contribute to the local economy, by bringing in funds that help support local businesses and pay salaries to workers in the community.
Food4Israel has launched a website for donating to the Israel National Food Card, distributed to over 6,000 underprivileged families in Israel. Cards are used to buy food and other necessities (no tobacco, alcohol or electronics) in major grocery chain stores. The chains give JAR a rebate that is used to fund the administrative expenses so that 100% of donations go towards funds to help put more nutritional meals on the table.
The Israel Food Card is a reloadable debit card with which underprivileged are given $75-300 monthly, based upon need, to buy groceries for their family. This is the most dignified and efficient way to help needy families. There is no need for food storage facilities, packing, a distribution network nor kitchens for serving prepared foods. Elderly and special needs clients can buy foods that fit their special diets.
Cards are distributed by the Ministry of Social Welfare to clients known to their social workers. Clients include, single-parent households, the elderly, those with special needs and Holocaust survivors. Food cards are distributed without racial, religious or cultural discrimination of any kind.
"The card is used like a credit card, so the recipient shops like anyone else, picking out what they think is best for their family – no food distribution center or bureaucrat dictates what they can eat," said Daniel Goodman, President. "This is a wonderful holiday charity gift that the donor can send with our HonorCards to friends and family members showing the charitable giving. Combining tax-deductible charitable giving and support of Israel makes for a most meaningful gift."
JAR presently distributes 100,000 cards per year across Israel, including monthly and holiday food cards, totaling $5,000,000 annually.